Wednesday, June 15, 2011

craft #3: I loves my monogram

I was originally going to title this post,
"I'd like to add his initial to my monogram..."
ten-thousand bonus points to the person who can tell what song that's from.

Back to business-
today's craft is all about the mighty
If you've been to my house,
or even seen pictures,
you know that I have M's all over the place.

In the foyer-
St. Patty's Day foyer decor

On top of the piano-

fabric M from Anthropologie- thanks Christa!

In the hutch in the dining room-

On the mantel-

(and that one even grew recently....)

large craft M from JoAnn

And on my front door-

Gold M and grapevine wreath, both from hob lob

So is it any wonder then, that I would want to include a craft that had to do with my Monogram?
no, it's no wonder.

Here's what I started with for this project-

a couple of 'M's from the hob lob (already had these),
and an 11 x 14 frame (picked this up from wal-mart for 5 bucks)

The M in the bottom of the pic actually fit better inside the frame, so that's the one I went with. The hardest part of this project for me was deciding how to 'dress' the M.
For example-
just yesterday I saw this post on My Blessed Life-

cute as a button, right?
I'm also loving that she spray-painted her frame.
pretty pretty...

Now, the button idea isn't new, in fact it's quite popular, and for good reason.  How cute would that be in a playroom?

Speaking of playrooms, here's another example I found several months ago

Not only is this a cute decor item, but what an awesome teacher gift as well! I was very close to gluing on the crayolas, but alas...
I knew the only room I could put my new 'M' in would be the playroom,
I went with fabric.
because I just happen to have egads of it.
can I get a Roll Tide?
houndstooth is a pretty big deal in these parts, since the University is just down the street. Just wanted to clarify for those of you who are new here!

I found the large houndstooth fabric at and I'm lovin it.
just like micky-D's...

I placed the 'M' on the fabric and marked where I'd need to cut slits so that I could fold the fabric over the letter and hot glue it-
I could have also traced the letter and attached that with hot glue, but the fabric would have only covered the top and I wanted the sides to be covered as well. It's really just whatever suits ya fancy, ya know?

Then I cut around the 'M', being sure to leave enough material to wrap and glue...

I started at the top, securing it with glue first so the fabric stayed put-

and no, I'm not working with a 'W' now, that's just what happens when you turn an 'M' upside-down.
Sarcastic much?

Next, I pulled the bottom of the fabric up and secured that with glue-

Then I moved to the middle section, pulling and gluing, pulling and gluing...

Until that whole 'M' was a Bama fan.

Next, I started on the frame-
since I already knew I wasn't going to be using the glass in the frame
(the 'M' is at least a quarter of an inch thick)
I set it aside for another project and took that lovely came-in-the-frame-picture of the smiling girl-

placed it on a piece of white poster board, and cut out a perfect 11 X 14 piece. I placed the poster board in the frame, replaced the frame's back piece, and hot glued my newly covered 'M' in the center of the poster board-

Whatcha think?

I love it!
Even on my kitchen desk, it looks fab!
And also....
did you see me?
I'm thinking of making a Hitchcock-ian appearance in all of my posts like that-

back to the craft...

And here she is in the foyer.
At 1:35 am.
Because that's when my kiddos are sleeping.

Not quite sure where it will live just yet, but I love that it can work in a playroom, as well as our family room or the dining room, or even a bedroom.

I loves ya, houndstooth M.
Welcome to the family...

What would YOU cover your monogram in?
Do tell...

pssssssttt.....for info on how I made the mossy 'M' in my header, go HERE

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Julie said...

Being a Bama fan, I love the letter. I'm really interested in your wall color, what color is the green?

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