Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blog Garage Sale

So what am I choosing to blog about after a forced hiatus, during which our PC laptop was dying and I was shoving every extra penny into an envelope so that we could Dave Ramsey our way to a NEW computer?

That's right. It's garage sale time. 

And also, his name is a verb- yes? 

And also, while I'd love to say that we're the proud new owners of our first Mac, I can't. We're just the owners. Not proud yet b/c there are just TOO MANY THINGS THAT ARE DIFFERENT FROM A PC AND I SOMETIMES CAN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO WHAT I WANT AND THIS CAUSES MUCH FRUSTRATION. So yeah, not proud yet.

I have much to catch up on, blog-wise, but for today- closet clean-out is what's a-happenin.

(And if you live in a kindgom far, far away and are interested in an item, I'll ship to you at cost. Just shoot me an e-mail at Funnygirl33180(at)aol(dot)com)

 Polos- top row L to R- yellow size 5, red size 5, red size 6- $8 each
bottom row- red sweater vest size 5- $10, blue Vinyard Vines, size 5- $4
striped Polo tee, size 6- $5, and red Polo tee, size 6- $5

 top row, L to R- 2 Browning shirts, long sleeve, size S (5/6)- $8 each
J. Khaki long sleeve shirt, size 6- $6
Green plaid & red plaid Polos, size 6- $10 a piece
pink long sleeve Polo has a spot on the front that I'm currently treating with Shout. It's incredibly exciting. I'll let you know the outcome...

 CollectibiliTEES from Old Navy- top row are all XS- $4 each
bottom row- red tee says "Choose Wisely" and has a pic of a rock, scissors, & paper (from snorgtees.com) It's size 6- $5
Superman & Spiderman are both size S (5/6)- $4 each

 top row- Batman tee, size S- $4, Star Wars tee (Gap kids) size 4/5, but runs big IMO- $5, rainbow Chewie tee, size 5T- $4, Batman tee on bottom row (Old Navy) size S- $4, and Columbia button-up, size 5- $8

 Black velvet dress from Old Navy that I hate isn't showing up better in this pic- size 18-24 month- $8, Missoni for Target dress, size 18-24 month- $8, boojue boutique brand 2-piece chicken outfit, size 18 months (and beyond)- $10 for the set, Calypso for Target 2-piece set w/elephants, size 24 months- $6, Genuine Kids 2-piece set, size 12 month (but runs big) This is in play condition- $4, Vinyard Vines pink dress, size 2T- $10

 Claire and Charlie smocked Mary Poppins dress, size 18 month- I think we wore this ONCE, maybe twice... $25, alphabet dress (made by me) and triple ruffle pants that have a spot on the knee- who knows what this is, perhaps it could also be Shouted out? I'd say this set is 18-24 month and I'll sell both pieces for $15. Hula girl dress & bloomers from Gymboree, size 12-18 month but runs big- $5
 Cherokee ruffle top, 2T- $2
Genuine Kids dot top w/ flower & floral skirt- 24 month- $6 for both
brown quilted vest by Crazy 8, size 24 month?- $4
Genuine Kids top w/ pink flowers- 12 month but runs big- $3
Circus tee (loved this one) size 2T- $3
Mudpie anchor outfit (worn once) size 2T-3T- $20

 2T khakis by Circo- $2, gray 'skinny' pants, 18 month but run huge- $3, Old Navy khaki capris, 2T- $3, Old Navy overalls, 2T (worn twice)- $5, two pair of jeggings, size 18 and 24 month- $3 each, Missoni for Target sweater- 18-24 month- $8, and black lace ruffle skirt- 2T- $5

 navy knit Polo shorts- size 4, $3, blue & red shorts are size 4 (adjustable waist) $4 for blue, $3 for red (the red have a hole near the bottom) khaki Polo shorts, size 4- $8, Buzz Lightyear bathing suit, size 5 (this was worn a LOT) $1

 Olympus E-450 DSLR- two lenses, battery, battery charger, external flash purchased 2 months ago, manual, cleaning cloth. I treated this thing like a baby for the past couple of years, but I'm ready to upgrade. This is what I've used to take the majority of the pics that end up on the blog. Everything is here to get you started EXCEPT for an xd card (which can be purchased on ebay) I'll sell the whole shebang for $350 OBO.

 Leftover Batman party supplies- 9 masks (there is one pack still unopened), 2 color/activity books, 4 mini notebooks, an unopened pack of napkins (found after the pic was taken), and tons of printables I used for the food and to attach to pennant banners. $10 for all

 New, never worn shoes.
That's right. I'm a shoe hoarder.
Far left are Leifsdottir and retail for $$$ They're size 39, which is equivalent to a 8.5 (which is why I can't wear them) Purchased on Zulily- $40
The middle pair were purchased at Anthropologie. Wooden wedge heel, size 9, $30. The far right are black sequin TOMS, size 9. I have never once pulled these out of the closet to wear, even though I SWORE they'd be an important addition to my wardrobe. $40

  Leftover Angry Birds party supplies- 1 table cover (never used), 3 sheets of tattoos (one sheet has one bird cut off), 9 printables on skewers that I used as decoration, tons of napkins, and 8 more larger printables that I taped to a pennant banner- as in the photo. **pennant banner is NFS, just showing how I used them** I also have several large green lanterns w/ pig faces.... Hoping to get a post together of O's party from Feb since it was during the hiatus. Angry Birds party loot (including lanterns not pictured) $18

And that's it for today.

I have tons more to clear out, but it'll have to wait. In the meantime, I hope you've been well....I've missed this whole blogging thing. Not having a computer for a while was really quite the pits. Here's hoping I can get the hang of how to use this one, cause I'm not gonna lie....it took me eleventy-billion hours to get this posted.

More soon... 
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