Monday, February 25, 2013

eight years

My sweet boy turned 8 years old yesterday.

To Oliver, on turning eight:

You love love love to read. You never go anywhere without a book, and your backpack is weighed down every morning with books to take to school.
I hope you never lose this love of books and reading. It makes my heart happy.

Legos are still a close second to books. Your happy place is in the floor of your room with a new lego set and instructions spread in front of you. You never have a set for long before ripping it from the box and putting it together, and you love to share with us what you're making.

You are anxious to get home from school everyday so that you can play with your friends who live across the street. We've never had neighbors with kids your age before, so the fact that there are now three living right in front of us is pretty awesome. I love the fact that these new friends have given you a new desire to play and run and explore outside.  You always have so much fun together and it's been a blessing.

You are a wonderful big brother, and you help us tremendously with your little sisters. This does not change the fact, however, that they still drive you insane. That's what 2 and 3 year-olds do. And really, who could blame you.
I wouldn't want folks breaking my legos either.

You excel at school and don't mind doing your homework- especially when it means that you get to play outside as soon as you're finished. You currently have spelling and vocabulary tests every Friday, and we study these words each night of the week and I quiz you Friday mornings on the way to school. You get extremely frustrated when you miss one. Extremely. You don't like to fail, in any capacity. You are your momma's child.

You love hot sauce.
Again, you are your momma's child.

You picked the Angry Birds theme for your party this year and loved every second of helping me plan it. I will never forget the look on your face when you saw the pig lanterns, and the clouds, and the TNT boxes, and your own angry birds artwork on display. You love party prep just as much as I do.

And my son, I love you more than words can say. I am blessed beyond measure to be your mom, and my prayer is that you will continue to grow and do mighty things while keeping Christ first in your life.

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