house tour

**Still under construction**
The hubs and I bought our first house at the end of 2008.
Oh how excited we were!
It was built in 1960.
There had literally been no updates to it.
We're talking 4-prong phone jacks here, people.
It needed help.
Lots of help.
So we're helping it.
Here are a few pics of what we've done so far:

The kitchen is currently under construction as I type this-

Here are the 'befores':

wall to wall pine panelling and cabinetry fashioned out of pine panelling.
See that upper cabinet door open?
Yeah, ...none of them close.
That's also our dryer you see peeking out at the bottom of the pic.
No laundry room.
We're fixing that too.

Lovely 1960 countertops...

that had burn spots all over them.
Pretty, right?
(don't answer that)

This is where we currently are with our complete kitchen overhaul:

The hubs ripped up 1 layer of tile and 2 layers of linoleum-
(I got to see lots of his booty during this part)

Next, he ripped out our upper cabinets-

and built a wall to make us a laundry room.

Lower cabinets came out next, including our sink.
Yup, no kitchen sink.
When one of the kids dirties a sippy, I just chunk it in the trash.
I kid.
(but not really)

Sheetrock went up.
Such beautiful smooth walls...

And then we painted those walls a lovely shade of gray-

and as of January 2012, this is what we have:

Tune in to the blog for updates on happenings in the kitchen.
The end is in sight, friends.
I hope.


ripped out ohsonasty carpet
installed hardwoods
painted trim + door white
repaired crown molding
painted the walls Asperagus (by Behr)
took out a bookshelf behind that door that had to have been built inside the house since we had to remove the railing by the back door to get it out of the house. That door actually opens into a hallway that leads to another hallway that leads to the back of the house where the bedrooms are. There was also a set of bi-fold doors that had been haphazardly attached at the end of the hallway creating a makeshift closet. We ripped those out super-quick too. Our realtor (and my MIL) nicknamed that hallway the 'Narnia closet' and it's stuck.

looking to the right from the foyer is the
Living Room

Christmas 2011 Mantel

Halloween 2011 Mantel

Spring '11 Mantel

Girls My Fair Lady Nursery
(for details on this room, click HERE)

Master Bedroom

***also currently undergoing a serious makeover***

This is what it looked like as of June 2011-

and now:

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