Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hello my name is Mary Kathryn and I like fabric, not tornadoes

*tornadoes have already wreaked havoc, once again, in Tuscaloosa today and there are more predicted for this afternoon.
To get my mind off of the crazy weather, I'm going to post about something totally unrelated to storms.

fabric is safe.
fabric won't hurt you, unless of course it's ugly and fashioned into some sort of atrocity on someone's body. Then, I suppose, it could blind you, but you can't walk around with your eyes closed.

moving on...

see that honkin huge bolster pillow on the dining room table next to the Indiana Jones hat and the necklace holder?

I'll zoom in for ya so that you can see the craziness that is our dining room at the moment. This is what happens when you're a craft addict and you have no craft room.

it's plaid.
Ralph Lauren.
Very classic, but alas-
doesn't coordinate with a single item in my home.

So why did I buy it?
Because I'm going to cover it is something yummy-

this box of lovliness arrived yesterday from
I'm on a first-name basis with this site now.
Pure eye candy at great prices, and just so my hubs doesn't use this as another excuse to call me a hoarder, I totally have plans for it all.
pinky promise.

Our new bedroom scheme needs a splash of brightness, so that ultra-classic plaid RL bolster is about to become a yummy pumpkin orange. It's ultra-suede, by the way, and feels so good I want to drape it all over my body.
hey- there's an idea! If there's enough left, I can make a top,
 or a skirt,
or some gloves.
or not.

If you live anywhere near the bad weather that's coming or has already come today- I'm praying that you and yours stay safe.

I'm off to watch a little more Spann and play with some fabric...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 bucks + 1 beautiful afternoon =

so glad I grabbed sidewalk chalk and bubbles for the kids Easter baskets

we had the absolute best afternoon yesterday-
nevermind that the bubbles spilled,
or that the girls were in their pjs,
or that I rolled around on the ground in my dress,
or that we all ended up filthy,
or the fact that there are still tornado-tree parts all over the backyard.
yesterday afternoon rocked our socks off

Go buy yourself some sidewalk chalk and a bubble wand.

I dare you.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

making progress...





8-piece bedding set (Target) = 59.99

2 new lamps (bases and ugly shades/ Sealy Furniture) = 25

2 new pretty shades (Target) = 19.99 x 2= 39.98


slowly making pregress on the new bedroom retreat.
whatcha think?

It's not about the bunny, folks...

He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter Sunday today!
We've already had an awesome Easter service at church,
a delectable lunch with family and friends,
and are now preparing to go back to church for an awesome Easter cantata tonight.

God is good,
all the time

Tried my best to get a pic of the kiddos in their Easter frocks and tie...

oh well...

Happy Easter from the Mathews!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

we now return you to regularly scheduled programming...

thank you, Comcast, for finally restoring our craving for PBS Sprout and the internet. I'm ever so grateful.

I found it odd, however, that the power was restored within 31 hours where there were no poles because the storm snapped them in half and you, Comcast, took 6 days. Still grateful to have that HGTV back and all, just sayin...

It feels so nice to blog again from home,
on my computer,
in my own little corner, in my own little chair...
O is still on a Cinderella kick and so it was our soundtrack of choice on the ride to and from school today.

Here's a tip if you live in the same city as a Chick-fil-a-
(and if you don't, my sincerest condolences)

They give away free milkshakes every Wednesday from 2-4.
Did you hear me??

cookies and cream on the left for O, banana pudding on the right for me


Two days ago, the hubs and I both had to fill our cars up with gas. Our gas total that day came to 205 U.S. currency.

Do you have any idea how many
articles of clothing from Target
pairs of shoes
remnant fabric bundles
groceries I could have bought with that?

yeah, groceries...
that's what I thought of first.
For the kids and whatnot.


I am currently listening to the hum of a chainsaw cutting up chunks of trees in the front yard that are too big for tree-and-leaf-pick-up-trucks to pick up and put in the back of their trucks. It's so weird to look out of the front windows of the house and not be able to see the street.


Cinderella peeps-
I'm making another button under my header just to house pics from the show. Maybe you'll see one you like,
maybe you'll just like browsing through them,
maybe you're still singing songs from the show because you can't get them out of your head...

to see my show pics, click HERE

I didn't even post them all.
Yes, I'm a picture-taking freak.

I get to don Velma one last time tonight for a Hairspray performance at the Druid Arts awards. Pretty pumped.
Love it when I get to don any costume...

more later-
guess that's enough catching up for now.
Did I mention how much I've missed you, internet?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I wore Wednesday (literally)

well folks, I'm itching to get back to regular blogging which is hard when you have no internet...

Here's my attempt at a WIWW post using pics from my iphone that were taken this morning by myself and my handsome 6 year-old.

yes, those are rollers in my hair.
For some reason, I felt like putting forth the effort today...

the next one's blurry, so I'm not gonna enlarge.
You're welcome.
OH- and look-
I'm where it's AT!

top/jeans- Old Navy
red necklace- stamp your feet
silver necklace- Lisa Leonard Designs
shoes- Talbots (via TJ Maxx)

Hope you're having a fab Wednesday!
I'm off to make another call to Comcast....
wish me luck

(linked with Lindsey today, but using a different thumbnail. Dang this iphone blogging!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

we'd like our PBS Sprout back...

well friends,
I was hoping that all would be much calmer yesterday and that we could get back to some sort of normal.
in a way, I guess we have, but we still have no cable or internet.
not complaining,
happy to have all of our house in tact,
just sayin...

as of Saturday, we could get out of the driveway-

and the hubs found our garbage cart yesterday-

needless to say, a new one is on its way to us now but it doesn't really solve the pile of poopy diapers piled high by our back door. They're in Target bags, but still...

And the hubs has also declared the trampoline to be 'totaled', so we'll be making a trip to Sams soon for our 2nd trampoline in less than 2 months.
Anyone need some warped metal legs or springs?
Let me know...

If you were involved with Cinderella, I have about a gajillion photos that I'll post as soon as our internet is back up and running.(I'm posting this from an undisclosed location with pics from my iphone)

Since I had to put our bedroom makeover on hold, all of the pieces are now spread around the house...
new bedside lamps/shades are on the dining room table,
new bedding and euro pillows are piled in front of my closet,
lots of need-to-be-spray-painted items are everywhere...

Can't wait to get started and share it with you.
Hope you're having a fab day-

Saturday, April 16, 2011

did I mention it's been a long week?

our neighborhood was on the Today Show today which would normally mean that we're total rock stars,

today it actually meant that a tornado ripped through our street.

I can now mark hunker down in hallway with mom, MIL, and 3 kiddos while listening to the roaring sound of the tornado train overhead OFF of my list of things to do.
not that it was really even on my list...

Only after coming out of our hallway and looking outside did we truly understand just how much God had protected us. Our lot is almost 2 acres with many many trees surrounding our house. A huge pine and magnolia in the front yard fell away from the house towards the street. Another pine to the right of the house also fell towards the street. Oliver's trampoline took about a 50-yard flight to land in the pear tree outside his bedroom window. A tree from our across-the-street neighbor's house fell towards us, crashing with the pine and magnolia, and bringing down the power lines to rest at the end of our driveway and in the street.

but God's hand was on us.

that's our mailbox and one of the trees from across the street at the end of our driveway. Power lines are under the tree.

One of the magnolias from our yard. In the back, you can see the power lines being pulled down.

I find it so odd that several trees were pulled out of the ground, and yet, Eliza's little pink car is still here.


Did I mention how incredibly blessed we are?

I met some of our neighbors from down the street for the first time yesterday- they were so sweet to come and knock on our door to check on us. Also met several police officers that were back and forth in our front yard since our street was impassible because of the mess.
That's a word, right?
Don't recall ever using it before...

My sis and her boyfriend were quick to get to us as well, trudging through several flooded yards in Tory Burch flats no less.
My sis, not the boyfriend.
Only after leaving our house did the boyfriend go to check on his own house,
only to find this-


We also learned that part of the roof caved at their office building on campus.

and did I mention that I missed opening night of Cinderella?
I've never missed an opening before.
Broke my heart to not be with my cast and crew,
but all I could do last night was look at each of my babes and be grateful.

We're headed out now to see what's happening on our street.
Shows at 2 and 7 today too.

hoping for a little less excitement today...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

where I've been...

what a week it's been
(and it's only Thursday)

we got a call Monday that Clay's father passed away.
Could you please pray for him and his brother?
I'd greatly appreciate it,
and I know they would too.

For those of you who don't know, Clay is the hubs.
Don't know that I've ever actually called him by name on the blog so I thought I'd clarify.

Our friend Brenda also began her treatments for cancer this week. Please lift her up as well,
and thank you in advance for your prayers sent up on all of their behalfs.

The show I'm currently directing also opened yesterday and is going wonderfully. If you're local, you don't want to miss seeing this amazing cast. It has been an absolute blessing to work with each member of the cast and crew and it truly shows in the production.

Tickets are available HERE
or at the box office one hour prior to show times. And just a reminder as to which show it is-

I have loads of fabulous pics I'll share after the show closes, but for now I'll give you a teaser-

thank you all so much for taking the time to read what I post. It really does mean the world to me when I hear that you enjoyed a funny story I posted, or when you were inspired to tackle a DIY project, and especially when you let me know that you're praying for people you may not even know because I wrote about it on this blog. God is so good and He has connected me with some wonderful friends here in town, and all over the country through this place known as blogland. I'm truly grateful to each and every one of you-
thank you

Monday, April 11, 2011

weekend recap

hello all!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
I actually took very few pictures, which is probably a good thing since the girls both had snot dripping down their faces and O woke up at 7 Sunday morning vomiting in bed. Was that too graphic?
I was covered in pretty much every bodily fluid yesterday with the puking, and the snot, and oh yeah-
did I mention the babe had a touch of diarrhea?
because she did.
and she'd peed through her diaper during the night so when I picked her up yesterday morning to love on her...
pee on my pj's.

But hey,
it happens.

moving on to some happier times from the weekend-

My parents took us out Friday night for my birthday.
We ate at Iguana Grill which is one of my faves and YUM-O, it was good.
MM really dug the decor too-
lots and lots of lanterns hanging all over the ceiling-

Saturday morning was the pancake breakfast for Cinderella. As some of you know, I'm currently directing the show for a children's theatre company in my town and before each show opens, we usually have a breakfast- it's a great way to raise some money that goes towards the show's budget,
 who wouldn't want to eat pancakes with Cinderella and her entourage? I loved seeing the little girls coming to eat in their Cinderella dresses! So precious!

aren't those costumes fab?

by the way-
if you're local, the show opens Friday night for the public and will run through Sunday. Show times are 7:00 pm Friday and Saturday night, and 2:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. If you have young children, or older children, or if your children have children, or if you KNOW any children- you won't want to miss it! You can purchase tickets online HERE.

I needed to get out of the vomit house last night so MM and I took a little trip to Wal-mart. I'm not usually a Wal-mart gal and to be quite honest I felt like I was straight up cheating on Target, but I'd heard good things about their Better Homes and Garden line of home decor items, so we went.
Just look at the lovely sunset we saw on the way-

There was also some sort of carnival set up in the parking lot of what used to be a Dillard's department store. I'm sure those rides that are packed up and moved around a lot are 100% safe.

BHG did not disappoint. Just look at these lovelies...

Barbie totally had this one in cardboard in her very first dream house. Anyone else remember that? Circa 1961?

Since I'm still working on our Master Bedroom re-do, I needed some pillows in my accent color to go with the new bed linens. Wal-mart sells 1 and 2 yard packs of fabric in several differnt patterns/colors. I totally did not know this.
Now I do.
Two yards of pumpkin orange came home with us.

MM was doing a few ankle exercises while we looked at fabric.

while it's not an actual craft project,
I did work on something this weekend-

whatcha think?
Are they blingy enough?

And last, but certainly not least,
I picked this up to read because you can bet your sweet bippy I'll be going to see the movie.

10 points to the person who can tell me what show "bet your sweet bippy" comes from.
And was it 'bippy'?
I guess I'd better be quoting it right if 10 points is up for grabs.

have any of you read this? If so,
what did you think?
I'd love to hear...
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