Tuesday, December 25, 2012

For unto you is born this day

in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.     Luke 2:11

Wishing you the Merriest of days today and always.

From our family to yours,
Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 22, 2012

a brush with fame

It's the first Saturday of your Christmas break. The 2 year old has graciously let you sleep past 5 am for the first time this week. You wake to the sound of buzzing and crack your eyes wide enough to see the screen of your phone lit up with notifications from friends and family alerting you to the news that your roof made it onto the Today Show.

And you missed it.

Because you were asleep.

My sincerest thanks to those of you that buzzed us this morning to let us know, and for those of you who were sleeping, like we were- here's the clip. And just to clarify- hubs is no Scrooge. It's pure shenanigans. Always shenanigans....

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Christmas cards

Merry Christmas to you and yours from the Mathews fam. Here's a look at our Christmas cards which I purchased from Shutterfly for the 3rd year in a row, and my sincerest thanks to the coupon codes that saved me $82.75.

I love taking a look back over the past year and including some of the major points on our card. Gets me all nostalgic, ya know?

We have two more days of school left here and then we'll have a nice long break. Looking forward to seeing all of our family and of course celebrating Christmas with our kiddos.

Happy Thursday, friends.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Flashback Friday

It's Friday. We made it. All of us. That's cause for celebration and a new installment of flashback Friday.

It was 1992. My mum, seester, and I went to Disney World for the first time with a group from church. I celebrated my 12th birthday in the most magical place on earth. I also celebrated big hair and glasses, long skinny bird legs, and no boobs. Poor 12 year old MK- already 5'6 in the 6th grade and wearing size 8 shoes. And no boobs.

Let's take a look back via poorly scanned photos, shall we?

I must admit that seester and I are looking pretty good with Mr. Hot Pants/Fanny pack stranger over there on the left.

And big bows.
Let's not forget the big bows.
Or the fact that I waited impatiently for the Sheriff to sign my autograph book while some little 4 year old took her sweet precious time. 

Good heavens at the length of those shorts.
(Mine, not Mickey's.)

Pretty sure I pushed those kids out of the way to get to Hook first.

That's an actor at MGM (now Hollywood Studios) on the bench next to me. This was and still is my fave Disney park because of all the movie memorabilia. I'll never forget walking into a store that sold clothing and props from movies- I looked through piece after piece and found a pair of pants worn by Marlon Brando in Guys and Dolls. I unzipped the hanger bag and touched the pants. I touched a piece of film history that Marlon Brando once wore on. his. body. I'm pretty sure that shop no longer exists because I didn't see it when we were there, but I'll never forget touching those pants.

So there ya have it- more awkward pics of me as a pre-teen.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Ours is packed full of Christmasy events that all center around a meal.
Color me excited.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

up on the roof

Anyone else sing the blog title in their heads just now?


Just me then?

Back to the subject at hand which happens to be the roof. If you've been hangin' round these parts for over a year, you know that hubs likes to decorate our roof in an unconventional sort of way.

With words.

Spelled with lights.

The first year, it was this:

which lead our neighbors to wonder if we were in some sort of cult.

We're not. This is pure shenaniganisms. Yes that's a word.

Last year, the roof attracted so much attention, our house appeared on two popular websites and friends of ours that frequent those websites called and texted to let us know our rooftop had reached celebrity status. Last year's roof looked like this:

Again, I assure you there is no hidden meaning behind this. We love Christmas. The halls are decked, the carols are blaring from the stereo, and there's peppermint creamer in the fridge. This is hubs at his finest. Well, he's pretty darn fine in a tux, but you know what I mean.
Moving on.

This year, hubs masterpiece is sportin' a hashtag.
Because he's modern and whatnot.

Oliver's first observation was this:
"That's not how you spell it."

Well no, it's not.

"Then why is it like that?"

Your daddy is being silly.

"Oh. Ok."

Do you have any idea how many times I've had to say, "Your daddy is just being silly"? If I had a nickel for each time, I could buy like a thousand pumpkin spice lattes, mmkay?

So, in conclusion, the writing is once again on the roof.
It's pure shenanigans.
There is no cult.
I like pumpkin spice lattes.

p.s. If you'd like to take a gander at the INSIDE decor from last year, click HERE. The decor from this year so far is laughable at best. I'm a bit behind, not to be confused with I HAVE a big behind.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

on Santa and the elves and such

Sometimes I feel compelled to write about something.

Sometimes it's a funny story, sometimes it's serious, and sometimes it's just something I feel strongly about.

Sometimes I struggle with the right words, and then sometimes, I stumble upon someone else's words that communicate so perfectly what I want to say. Before you click on that link to a post written by someone else, here are a few of my thoughts on the subject.

I've been asked more than a few times recently if we've had 'Santa pictures' made, or if we have an 'elf'. Now hear me out before I respond, and before you start hatin' on me- if you take your child to the mall to sit in the big guy's lap or if you have a mischievous elf at home, then more power to ya. I think those things are fine and good, but when the holiday that we celebrate in December has become SO far removed from what it's really about, then something is wrong.

And friends, I feel that something is wrong.

I'm not anti-Santa picture, but I've never taken my kiddos to sit in the big guy's lap. Our school will have a santa here next week to take photos with the kids, and Oliver will have his picture taken. But it's not about that. Yes, he's asked before if he's real. We've talked about it and I will never look at my child and crush his spirit- I simply leave it up to him by saying, "what do you think?", and he's still at an age where he believes. And that's ok. He even asked about our chimney on the way to school and wondered if Santa could, in fact, get into the house that way. I love that he's still young enough to think about that, but I don't want him to modify his behaviour or strive to impress a man in a red suit. It's not about that.

I'm not anti-elf, but I will never make a mess in my house and lead my children to believe that a stuffed toy did it, nor will I ever tell them that a stuffed toy is watching them and they'd better be good if they want more stuff. I don't want them believing in a stuffed toy. I want them to be good and do the right thing because it's what God wants them to do. Christmas is not about a stuffed toy. And also- they don't need more stuff.

When Oliver was younger, and an only child, we subscribed to the 'overboard' method. Presents and toys were piled HIGH on Christmas morning, and why not? We had no other children to buy gifts for. He also received an enormous amount of goodies from our family and friends. So much stuff that there wasn't enough space to fit it in his room. Or our house. When the girls came along, we dialed it down a bit, but made no huge adjustments until last year. I had a few friends who subscribed to the idea of, "Jesus got three gifts, so each of our kids gets three gifts", and I thought it was brilliant. That's what we tried to do last year, and we stuck to it for the most part aside from a couple of last minute nerf guns that went into O's pile.

We'll be doing that again this year, and I'd really really like to keep it to just three. Tres. Trois. That's it. They'll still get plenty of goodies from their grandparents and again, they have plenty already. I don't want Christmas at our house to be about stuff, but about the greatest gift of all. That's what it's about. Jesus.

That's it.

Seriously- that's it.

Now, I'm not a tyrant. Don't think I ban all things santa at our casa- because I don't. We watched Island of the Misfit Toys a few night ago because it's a classic and I love it. We listen to Christmas music in the car because Christmas music rocks. We sing along to Santa Claus is Coming to Town at the top of our lungs because that's good stuff right there. My girls wear smocked santa's on their dresses to church because smocked santa's are cute. Eliza was even wearing a smocked santa underneath her Mary costume in the children's program at our church last Sunday night. MM refused to wear a costume altogether, but that's neither here nor there.

The post I mentioned earlier is HERE, and was written by Jen Hatmaker- yes the Jen Hatmaker of 7. Her words and thoughts are the same as mine, but she's a far better writer than me which is why I urge you to read HER post on the subject. I also love Britt's post about how she and her husband are celebrating Christmas with their two young kiddos, although I don't have plans to try and remove santa from our celebration altogether. I just want him to play a tiny role. Teeny-tiny.

So there ya have it. A few of my thoughts, along with those from a couple of like-minded gals. I know that many will not agree with me, and that's ok. Like I said- I felt compelled. And when I feel compelled, I have to speak my mind, or in this case, sit down and type.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

an afternoon in the Son

Jetting back in time today to share a few pics that I never posted. This was a solid hour of free Fall family fun. Say that five times fast. A little magic was created with a leaf blower and the perfect amount of sunlight.

I can't help but think of the lyrics to Nichole Nordeman's Every Season as I look at these...


And even when the trees have just surrendered
to the harvest time,

forfeiting their leaves in late September,
and sending us inside,

still I notice You when change begins,
and I am braced for colder winds.

I will offer thanks for what has been,
and what's to come-

You are Autumn.

Love that song.
Love those words.
Love seeing God's handiwork in all of creation.
Love playtime.
And jumping.
And piling. 
And throwing.

Also love it when my kids do things like this so that I'm a part of it all.

Thank you God for afternoons in the Son.

p.s.- here's a video I found on youtube that beautifully illustrates what this song is all about- 
seeing God's hand in every season of life.

If you've never heard these words before, give it a listen.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Disney days 3, 4, and 5

So I got a little behind on my posting. (Not to be confused with I HAVE a little behind.) After staying at Epcot until 10 pm watching the fireworks Friday night, then hopping on the bus and making it back to the hotel around 10:20, then getting kiddos and myself ready for bed, well...you see where this is going. It was way late. Way. 

Friday was the day Oliver's choir performed in Downtown Disney, which was consequently the reason we were there in the first place. Disney has a fabulous rehearsal facility for groups such as his, and really- are we surprised? It's Disney. After a run-through of their performance, we all headed to the backstage area downtown and then, it was showtime.

Proud. Mamma. Moment.

And wouldn't you know there's a Lego store right across from the stage, which happens to be right there at the top of the list of O's favorite things.

After a quick trip back to the hotel, we were Epcot bound.

We ate a delicious meal in China,
Thank you Fairy!

watched a street performer in Morroco,

sampled pastries in France,

and used the loo in London.

We even found Aurora in an English courtyard.
There may have been squeals of excitement from those two little ones.

After watching what can only be described as a spectacular lights/fireworks show, we called it a night and were up early the next morning to head to Hollywood Studios.

We found Mickey,

saw the Little Mermaid musical,

rode Star Tours,

watched a Jedi training session,

and saw the Muppets in 3D.

Indiana Jones stunt spectacular!

Fairy helped O trade his very first pin!

Beauty and the Beast show-

FroZone and Mr. Incredible

Wreck it Ralph and Venellope

My sincerest thanks to Disney for the fab photo props placed in the line as we waited to meet Buzz and Woody.

The next morning, we made it back to Hollywood Studios to sign Oliver up for Jedi Training, and on a whim I auditioned for the American Idol experience. Sang for 3 different folks and got a ticket to sing in the 1:00 show in front of roughly 400 people. Won that show and got to go back to sing in the finale at 7:30 for an audience of 700 AND the concert was broadcast live on the big screens in the park for folks strolling by. Craziness.

Had my hair and makeup done twice. Did you hear that?
Hair and makeup.

That was a prize in itself right thar, sho nuff.

I was by far the oldest contestant to make it to the finale that day- the other contestants were 14, 16, 16, and 24! They were all great and I enjoyed getting to talk to each of them as we waited for the show to start. I didn't win the whole shebang, but had a blast and am so thankful seester was able to watch the kiddos since they couldn't come backstage with me. And did I mention I got my hair and makeup done? Twice?

After the 1:00 Idol show, we watched a concert,

Saw Mickey Mouse clubhouse Live,

(hair and makeup)

saw a Pixar parade,

and then it was Jedi Training time!

You know that feeling you get as a parent watching your child do something that brings them immense happiness, and your throat catches because you know at that moment they are thrilled doing whatever it is they're doing?
That. Times a million.
Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios was created for my Oliver.
Well...and others like him.

Here's a quick video clip of Oliver and Vader-

After defeated Vader, we took a few more photos in the park,


rode our favorite rides again,

built a droid,

and I finally got to ride Toy Story with my girls.

By the end of the 6th day away from home, we were all ready to head back and see Daddy.

The girls got to spend all day with the hubs yesterday-
he let them dress themselves and took them grocery shopping.
It was a magical day in frozen foods.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this trip, and so thankful my aunt and seester were there with us. Couldn't have done it without their help. This was a trip my kiddos will never ever forget, and I have a feeling we'll be doing lots of Mickey-ear wearing in the future.
They DO totally make you have a magical day.
Sho nuff.
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