Wednesday, July 18, 2012

current and upcoming events

Hello friends! As I mentioned on Monday, I began teaching classes at a 2-week theatre camp full of young thespians. I'm having a blast, as are the students, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to witness these kiddos doing something they truly love.

 We're diving into the art of acting, we're discussing what is needed for a well-prepared audition, and we're learning about each of the aspects of a total theatrical production. Fun stuff, if this is where your passion and interests lie. The youngest campers are 5, and the oldest are 18. Here's a pic of my youngest class acting out a scene- I believe this was Spiderman, a princess, and a bumblebee at a birthday party...

For you locals, there's an arts/crafts fair this Saturday in the courtyard of Downtown Northport from 10-2. Lots of vendors, including moi, will be selling homemade goods, and I'm told there will also be children's activites + face painting. If you're looking for something fun to do- come by and see us!


Auditions for the next show I'll be directing- Into the Woods, Jr- will take place on August 9th and 10th. If you're not familiar with the show, there's a great synopsis HERE.  (that link also has a few musical selections to listen to as well)There's also a DVD of the original Broadway production starring Bernadette Peters available for purchase HERE. The junior version, which we'll be doing, is the first act of the original so that everything ends 'Happily Ever After'. In the full adult version, things get a little crazy in Act II and people get a little crushed by a giant. I'll be posting more about the show in the future, but wanted to get these links posted with more information about the show itself.


Matilda Jane Clothing will have its first launch of the new Fall line, Character Counts on August 15 and I'll be hosting an in-person AND a virtual trunk show on the 16th. The clothes will be posted online on the 15th, but the MJ blog already has a few sneak peeks of some of the pieces. You can find the MJC blog HERE.

Monday, July 16, 2012

two musicals and a wedding

Happy Monday friends! I'm up bright and early today for the start of theatre camp which I'll be sharing details about soon, however, I wanted to share a bit of our weekend with you first because it was craaaaazy busy.

Just like the title said.

"two musicals and a wedding"

Hubs and I had tickets for the opening night of Gypsy on Friday, so we gussied ourselves up and left early enough to have a kid-free meal before the show. We headed downtown with a craving for chicken pesto pizza from DePalma's and after 15 minutes of searching for a parking spot within a mile of the restaraunt, we decided we'd better try somewhere else. We'd lost too much time. We needed to get a'movin. "Let's try the new Shrimp Basket!", I said. "I think it's near the theatre anyway!" Off we go in the direction of the theatre, heading South. Ten more minutes elapse. We pull into the parking lot of where I think this new seafood place is located only to discover I'd gotten my wires crossed. We weren't looking at the new Shrimp Basket. We were looking at the new Pizza Palace. Not the same. My directionally-challenged brain had gotten confused. Again. We were running out of time and since the only other alternatives nearby were mexican (Pepitos) or mexican (Taco Casa), we opted for some breakfast at the newly constructed Waffle House.

Our food was served in under five minutes, leaving us plenty of time for a quick stop at Walgreens for show candy. And that was the best omelette and hashbrowns evah. Mean it.

The show was fantastic and runs through next week- if you're local or even within driving distance, you do NOT want to miss it. You can purchase Gypsy tickets HERE.

On to Saturday. Hubs and O went to a birthday party while the girls and I went to see another local theatre camp's production of The Little Mermaid. The girls loved it, but got confused and thought the show was over every time there was a blackout. Sheesh.

Kudos to the staff and campers for putting the show together in a week!

After a mad dash home and a quick costume change, the Mathews 5 headed out to see hub's cousin get hitched.

That's Mr. and Mrs. Brady Wayne Sanders right there.

 It was a beautiful family-only ceremony followed by a huge country club partay, complete with a photo booth...

Baby Owen even donned a tux for the occasion-
how stinkin' cute is he?

Hubs even posed for a pic with me.
Without making a crazy face.
Or grabbing my booty.
I'm as shocked as you are.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

playing catch-up

Happy Thursday, friends! I've got some randomness for ya today...

1. Archer Farms makes some of the best pizzas I've ever had. Last night, we had these for supper:

The kiddos fave is the one on the right- I think they'd eat it all day, every day if I'd let them. Also worth noting: my 3-year old ate 2 tomatoes yesterday. One cut into slices and another sliced inside sandwiches. Also worth noting- she calls them potatoes.

2. The hubs and I went to see The Amazing Spiderman last week. It was totally amazing and thrilling and more words like that. He left the theatre by scaling down the wall, throwing webs along the way. Are we surprised?

3. My friends, Kara and Ethan, made it home from China last week with their son Joel. Such a happy happy day for their family. Several members of our church family met them at the airport to welcome them home, and while I have more photos to share from this day, this is a pic I snapped on my phone of K and her two sons.

4. Oliver's 6 weeks of swim lessons came to an end last Friday, and on Thursday night we attended a special 'swim recognition/family night' where the swimmers got to show off their mad swimming skillz for their friends and family. A blue ribbon is also involved, and my son and his enormous personality decided it would only be appropriate to take a bow before receiving his ribbon...

Love this next shot, even though it's a phone pic and not completely in focus. I mean, just look at that face.

5. This is what happens when Daddy comes home from work.
 I call this shot,"clingy on Daddy".

6. Found these cute owls in the 2.50 bins at Target on Monday. Grabbed a white one, went back on Tuesday and they were gone. Could be the resemblance to the West Elm owls and the crazy low price point.

7. Sometimes I eat super healthy. Like having just a banana for breakfast. Covered in whip cream. And white chocolate chips. And animal crackers/crumbs.

8. My girls had a play date this week with some friends from church and E begged to hold the babe of the group. Sweet Annie Ruth was passed from lap to lap and tolerated it so incredibly well. Sweet girls...

9. I found O making me a glass of ice water a couple days ago. I know that as a parent, I probably should've told him not to be climbing like this- what with it not being safe and all- but good golly at the sweetness of it. Love my boy. 

10. My friend and I decided it would be totally fun to start a book club.  I know lots of other folks who do this and have great fun and discuss books and eat cheeses and whatnot, so we thought, why not us too? Most books nowadays come with study guides/discussion questions in the back anyway. Score. We went to Sams yesterday, read the backs of about 30 books, and picked this one as the first. I'll post each of the books on my blog so feel free to join in if you'd like! 

11. The tattoo parlor my hubs uses has a new apprentice who needs practice & additions to his portfolio, SO they were offering 10 free tats to the first 10 to respond to a facebook post and schedule an appointment.  Hubs snagged the 10th spot. The only hitch was having to choose a tattoo from a specific set, so...
welcome to hubs new tat:

the squirrel

he asked for red eyes so it would match one we have in our house. Don't ask...

12. I saw this on facebook recently and as a Toy Story lover, I thought it was worth sharing:

Evidently, Sid the bully became Sid the garbage man.
Anyone else see this?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Open House

Happy Tuesday, friends! I wanted to let you locals know about an Open House/Craft Bazaar going on this weekend.  There will be several vendors on hand with lots of pretties for sale, including knitted and crocheted items (scarfs, baby blankets), Holiday wreaths and bows, Scentsy, Mary Kay, Jewelry, Handbags, Wallets, and everything from my shop- pillow covers, headbands, stationary, pennant banners, and pins. There will also be yummy things to snack on while you browse, so grab a friend this Saturday (July 7) and head to my house!

Did you hear me? This thing is totally happening at my house, which is why I haven't blogged since Friday. I was thinking about all of the surfaces I needed to hit with a swiffer and all of the toys I need to kick under the sofas. Just kidding, but not really.... 

In all seriousness though, several of us gals with small businesses thought it would be fun to put together an open house this Summer, and this is it. There are so many Open House events around Christmas time, but not many in June/July/August, so we're joining forces and coming together in one place! Grab a friend and bring them with you- Saturday, from 10-2, at MY PLACE. And if you need directions, just shoot me an e-mail! I'll be glad to get you here!

I wanted to share pics of some of the new things I've been working on, but a product photo shoot just hasn't happened. I've been far too busy playing with my kiddos in the pool, and giving the girls mani/pedis, and watching movies, and reading books, and generally just being as lazy as humanly possible. You know, good Summer time stuff. I will, however, share a few pics from my shop of goodies that I'll have available this Saturday.

Please come and join us this Saturday! I'd love to see you!

Alright...back to cleaning.
Here's hoping the dust bunnies don't gang up on me and take me down.
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