Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Batman party

Hello friends, and happy Tuesday to ya!
I wanted to have this posted yesterday morning, but I may have stayed up until the wee hours watching the Oscars and live tweeting the Oscars w/ my friends and watching post-Oscars coverage, because...
I heart the Oscars.

If you watched, who was your pick for best dressed?
I'd have to go with Michelle Williams and Viola Davis.
And Angie's leg, because let's face facts- it kinda stole the show there for a sec.

Moving on.

My little man turned 7 on Friday and we had a Batman shindig on Saturday. Lots of family and friends celebrating our sweet Oliver. It was a gorgeous day which was an answer to prayer since the Bat Cave and Joker's Hideout were both outside. Here's a few party pics followed by details on what I made/crafted/designed.

 Gotham City food table y'all.

Bat sandwiches (used a Batman cookie cutter found on eBay), Poison Ivy's Veggies, Robin's Pizza Rolls, Two-Face Pretzels, Riddler's Chips, and Penguin's Cake Poppers

Fab cake made by my Aunt C

Joker Juice, or....green Hawaiian Punch

 Found these Batman masks on eBay

and the Batman activity books came from the dollah spot at Target.
I also heart Target, but you knew that... 

 Found the Batman candy mold on, yup...you guessed it....eBay. It was my first time attempting a two-colored design and it's a bit tricky. Gotta let that first color harden a bit before pouring the second color on top, just FYI.

The hubs has mad chalk skillz

I had a plan to completely cover the trampoline in black tarps/streamers/paper to make it a bit more cave-like, but I don't think the kids cared one bit that it lacked decor. I also wanted every square inch of our playhouse/swingset covered in green to be the Joker's hideout, or getaway, or whatever it is the Joker's place is called...

So happy that Oliver's friends were able to come and celebrate the day with us, because when you're 7 and you're a boy, you really just wanna run around doing boy stuff with people your age. Oliver was really into the decorations this year for the first time, as in 2 weeks before the party he started asking me why Batman stuff wasn't everywhere yet. Don't get me wrong- I love that he wants the decorations, but the fact that he was asking where they were before I'd even made a game plan was putting a little pressure on this momma. Thank goodness Gotham City came to me at 9:00 pm the night before his party. I swear to you that the best ideas come late at night.

For the Gotham City background on the food table, I used 5 pieces of black poster board, some tri-folded and some folded in half, and cut 'windows' into the buildings with an exact-o knife.

Here's a pic of the candy mold I found on eBay-
I used it to make toppers for the cupcakes we took to school as well as chocolate suckers for the partay. Word to the wise- If you're planning to make a gazillion of these as I did, you might want to pick up 2 or even 4 of the candy molds if it only holds 3 or you could be up all night melting, pouring, and freezing. Just a thought...

The invites, as well as the favor tags and food signs were all created with an image I found and saved from a google search and edited in picnik.

I found the table cover & napkins the day before the party at Wal-wart, and ordered the striped straws from THIS etsy seller. I had a few things planned that didn't quite get finished (like making green question mark stickers for the chips bags so it would make sense that they were 'Riddler's Chips'), but O seemed to have a smashing good time despite the fact that the chip bags had no question marks, and after all- that was really who mattered.

I'm also pumped that the house is still semi-clean since there's another shindig here on Friday. Remember, if you're local I'd love for you to join me this Friday from 4-6 for a Matilda Jane trunk show & open house of my etsy shop from 4-6 right here at my hizzy. There will be lots of good eats and pretty things to look at. (For more details, see THIS post) I'll also have some live music provided by my 1 & 2 year-olds. No doubt they will treat us with a few ditty's from Mary Poppins or VeggieTales....

Until then, I'll be cleaning and sewing and cleaning and sewing...
Happy Tuesday!

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