Friday, July 29, 2011

Yard Sale: day 1

We just packed everything up after day 1 of our yard sale and I am BEAT,
we got rid of a TON of stuff today and got to see some really good friends too. It's been an awesome morning- so so glad that the weather was nice and sunny, albeit, HOT. My poor hair tripled in volume (picture Monica in that episode of Friends when they all go to that convention in Barbados to hear Ross give a speech....)
That was my hair today.

came across another stash of 'too small' clothing I'd hidden away in a closet that contained several dresses- some new with tags.
This craziness comes from working retail for several years and purchasing things because they were a 'good deal' instead of because they were a 'need'.
Live and learn...

Here's a few more pics, and if you didn't make it by today- there's still a TON left that we'll be putting back out tomorrow.

New with tag- Ralph Lauren size M

New with tag- Ralph Lauren size 6

Tons of clothes left.
Priced to move.

Scrapbook stuff.
One of you needs this.
I promise.

Lots of shoes left, but I had to share a pic of this pair.
Aren't they lovely?
Don't you need them?
Size 8.5

Little boy Willets- size 9

We'll be out again tomorrow from 7-12.
Come out and see us!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway I have going on now for 2 black and white chevron pillow covers-
Just click on THIS POST (from yesterday) and leave me a comment with your favorite movie. *comments left on this post will not be eligible, so be sure to leave them on yesterday's post. Comments on facebook are also ineligible- comment MUST be left on yesterday's post to count.* I'll be using to choose a winner next week! And you can enter daily! It's hard to pick just one favorite movie anyway, so come back and enter daily with another movie you love!

I'm off to see if there's anything left in the house that hasn't been used or worn in the last 6 months. That's the rule, right? Or did I just make that up?
Well,....nothing is safe.
I'm in a purging state of mind,
and I ain't talkin bout purgin my food.

Until next time friends!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to my mum, more yard sale goods, and a giveaway! OH MY!

First, I must start by wishing my mum a
Happy Birthday!
I love you lOTS and hope that you have a wonderful day!
Looking forward to celebrating with you at dinner tonight!

Also, I'd like to wish my seester-in-law a Happy Birthday as well!
Happy B'day MK!
Don't know if I've ever mentioned it here before, but we have the same name.
As in, my hubs and his brother BOTH married girls named Mary Kathryn, although she's Katherine with an i and an e. To take it a step further, we also had maiden names beginning with P.
Two former MKP's turned MKM's.

Here's another small sampling of what's for sale this weekend-
and folks, let me tell ya-
if you see something you like, let me know ASAP. I had 6 shoppers come by Tuesday and 3 more yesterday and inventory is a' movin!

Stilettos, wedges, boots- all 6 or 6.5
(No, my foot is not that small. These are from my seester's closet)

Little boy shoes- Polo, Gap Kids, Nike, Sperry, Crocs

***Update- sorry I didn't list the sizes for these before! I had several ask about them, so here goes-

red/navy Nike tennis- 7
Sperry looking shoes which are actually Kenneth Cole- 7
Clarks- 9
green/white/navy Gap kids flippy floppys- 6.5 or 7 (no size listed) NEW
New Balance- 7.5
Navy Croc looking shoes which are actually Stride Rite- 9
red Bama crocs- 8/9
white Polos- 6


these are Willits brand- size 9

Handbags/clutches- Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, The Limited

Gap Long and Lean jeans, size 4 long

scrapbook stuff GALORE

little girl and cheerios not for sale

Max and Cleo dress, size M

The Limited belted dress, size S

Laundry top, size S

Parallel top, size 6
Laundry dress, New with tag- size 6

Limited top, size M
(fits more like a S)

Limited top, size XS

it's GIVEAWAY time...

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, my blog is nearing 100,000 page views,
to celebrate, I'm going to host a giveaway to say
to all of you who read my ramblings here each day. As most of you know, I recently spruced up our playroom sofa with some new pillow covers:

One lucky reader will win 2 black and white chevron pillow covers just like the ones pictured above-

all you have to do to be entered to win is:

1. be a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect or an e-mail subscriber


2. leave me a comment with your favorite movie and WHY it's your favorite

Simple enough, right?

I'll leave the giveaway open for a week and announce a winner next Friday (August 5)

Aaaaand I just realized that it's practically August.

Happy commenting friends,
get out there and enjoy what's left of summer!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

more yard sale goodies and a giveaway...

Happy Wednesday friends!
I had such a great response from the pictures I posted yesterday that I thought I'd do it again.

**And if you're wondering what the flippity-flap I'm talkin about,
we're having a yard sale this Friday and Saturday. If you're local and would like to come, just e-mail me at Funnygirl33180(at)aol(dot)com for directions. I'd love to meet you! And- if you're already a friend of mine,
I'll see you this weekend in my yard, mmkay?**

Here's another sampling of what we gots...

Alabama onesie for a little fella. Tag says 4T, but looks like would maybe also work for 3T- I'm not sure since my little fella never got to wear this. The hubs rule is,
"No onesies after 1"
(This rule only applies to boys, by the way, so both of our girls are still allowed to sport the onesies...)

A couple of elephant costumes (or in our house, 'Big Al's') from Old Navy.
One is 6-12 month, one is 12-18 month.

Two, yes, TWO little tiny tuxedos.
Oliver was in high demand back in the day when it came to walking the aisle and made appearances in 3 different weddings within 12 months.
These are sized a little differently (the tag on one of them just says '1') but I'm thinking one is a 2T and one is a 3T. One has long pants, and one has pants that have been hemmed into shorts.

Skeleton costume, anyone?
From Belk, size 6-9 month

Blue Willow china-
plates, bowls, saucers, vases

Two wooden train sets, mega bloks, tinkertoys

Brand new Eddie Bower diaper bag, Lands End diaper bag, shopping cart cover, foam sleep form, and wipes warmer

Limited dress, size 6

Max and Cleo dress, size 6

Studio M dress & cardigan,
both size S

Limited top, size M

fancy beading on the shoulders and around the bottom.

So that's the yard sale sampling for today.
See something you need?
See LOTS of something you need?

On another note-
this lil blog is approaching a pretty big milestone and will soon be hitting 100,000 page views. To celebrate, and to say THANK YOU to all of you who read my craziness, I'd like to have a giveaway!
Doesn't that sound great?
What do ya say I make a couple of pillow covers and give them away to one of YOU?

And what if those pillow covers happened to be made out of this:

I bought a couple of yards of this fabulous black and white chevron a few months back and haven't done anything with it yet, so I'll just whip up some pillows for one of you fabulous readers!

Come back tomorrow and I'll share all of the giveaway details. Until then, I'll be going through closets and bookcases and boxes and bins, adding to the ever-growing yard sale pile. And remember, if there's something you're looking for and haven't seen it in one of the photos yet,
 just ask-
I may have it in the back.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't ya wanna buy our stuff?

Top o' the mornin' to ya!
We've been listening to the Mary Poppins soundtrack lately so Bert is on the brain...

I have lots of news to share, starting with the fact that we are having a
this Friday and Saturday.

I actually started preparing for it about 2 1/2 YEARS ago when we moved into this house.
yep, you read that right.

I'm a bit of a procrastinator,
 my friends, when I have to pack up the entire contents of my kitchen because we're completely tearing it apart, and I SEE and PUT MY HANDS on items that haven't seen the light of day since I unpacked them 2 1/2 years ago,
well my friends,
I say THAT is a sure sign that it's time to rid ourselves of these said items.

I give you exhibit A:

A quesadilla maker that we've used once since we've been married

It really is lovely, what with all its sombreros and whatnots, but it's time we parted ways.
Perhaps some of you fancy a quesadilla now and then?
I donated quite a bit of O's old clothes but still have tons, I say TONS of 18 month-4T little boy clothing. I KNOW someone out there can use these.

I'm accepting the fact that I'm a mom of 3 and will NEVER have the pre-baby body I once had. Also accepting the fact that I need to let go of the egads of clothes I've been holding on to in the hopes that I'd magically wake up one day and be uber-skinny again. This is a Laundry top, size M.
Want it?

This is a super cute dress that I never wore-
tag still attached.
Size S

Limited dress, Size 6

Anne Klein top, size 4

Limited top, size M

There are gobs more, so I'll try to list a few more pieces each day.
Most are size 4, 6, or small.
Please come and get them so I'm not constantly reminded that they don't fit.

Also- tons of scrapbook supplies for all you crafters. This Creative Memories folder is FULL of stickers...

Since I've simplified how I scrapbook I no longer have a need for LOTS of the supplies that I have. There will literally be a table with nothing but scrapbook products on it.

You know you need some.
That's Leo on that box.
Take him home.

More scrapbooks.
Tons and tons.

More pics to come,
 if you're local and would like in on some of our yard sale goodness, e-mail me at Funnygirl33180(at)aol(dot)com for directions. I'd love to see you, and really- what's better than a good yard sale on a Friday/Saturday morning?

As for what the other members of my family did whilst I was cleaning out-

MM occupied herself with some Little People for a good 30 minutes. And see the blanket she's playing on? It's the comforter from yesterday's post! Love stretchin' that dollah.

Ever give your kids a camera to play with? O could amuse himself for hours  with my camera. It's so fun to see what he deems picture-worthy too-

like this:

and this:

and this:

and I even let him shoot some video-
there's a gem at the end of this post.
Stay tuned.

O and E had some fun making remixes on the hubs iphone.
Anyone else enjoying the remix of the eHarmony cat lady video as much as I am?


Last night was Monday, which of course means
Design Star time on HGTV.
I've been watching each week at my friend Jamie's house, and when I came home last night, I found THIS in my kitchen:

The fact that the hubs is cutting O's hair is not, by any means, odd. We've always given O haircuts. What bothers me is how short the hubs likes to cut it. Oliver, of course, thinks it's cool to have hair like Daddy but I'm his momma and I love his curls.
Can't help it.
Ah well....
it'll grow.

Hubs also gave his friend a cut.
A friend who hasn't had short hair for quite some time.
Hope he isn't having second thoughts today...


And now,
 for your viewing pleasure, I give you Oliver's directorial debut.

I call this,
"The 6 year old narrates his way around the playroom"

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