Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Carving: 2013 edition

Keeping the tradition alive and well here, folks. The Mathews had our annual pumpkin carving night yesterday, and I have a few beauties to show you. The Denton's joined us this year (on Brittany's birthday!), so we had plenty of pumpkin guts to go around, which is fitting since the Tide had stomped all over Tennessee's arse just minutes earlier. Seems appropriate to stick knives into something orange, yes?

I kid.

Here are a few pics from our evening as well as our finished products, AND, I've added our pumpkin hall of fame from years gone by at the end of this post so we can look back and get all nostalgic. Or not. Your call.

Oliver did the Captain America all by himself, y'all. We have an 8-year old carver in the hizzie.

Brittany's Barbie Halloween Cat-

My Shrek-

And the hubs Ron Swanson-
(Any Parks and Rec fans out there? HOLLA) 

The hubs also grabbed these kits at Target so the kids could decorate the pumpkins themselves, but it took some real elbow grease to stick those pieces in there, which means they didn't get to do any of it themselves. Awesome. Nevermind though... Mommy got a great arm workout jabbing those pieces in until they stuck...

And here are our pumpkins from the last EIGHT years. Enjoy.

My 2012 Pumpkin

Hubs 2012 Pumpkin
Mona Lisa

...and since we had an extra,
Hubs other 2012 Pumpkin
Angry Bird

The hubs 2011 pumpkin:

My 2011 pumpkin:
complete with eyelashes.
do you see them?
I worked hard.

Here's the hubs 2010 Death Star Pumpkin-

and my 2010 Storm Trooper Helmet-

I think we skipped over 2009.
Probably due to lack of sleep from a little girl.
Her name rhymes with Schmeliza.

hubs is Darth Vader, mine is Thespians.

hubs Transformers symbol thingy

and my sweet lil' Nemo

hubs Star Wars

and my Charlie Brown and Snoopy

I also carved this Blues Clues punkin' that year for my preschool classroom-

And, I just so happened to have dug up a pic of my musical pumpkin from 2005.

So there ya have it! Our pumpkin carving history in one post.
So tell me...
do you carve pumpkins?
Are you as competitive as we are?
Is this your first time to see the Mona Lisa on the side of a pumpkin?
Do tell...
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