Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Halloween 2013

howdy, frands.

just popping in today to share a few pics from Halloween, a.k.a. "the night we drive the kids to see their grandparents/great-grandparents dressed in costumes while I take a zillion pics".

yup. sounds about right.

ANYWHO, this Halloween was a little different because I entered my Shrek pumpkin in a contest and won free tickets to see Little Shop of Horrors at one of our local theatres. The kids trick-or-treated in the daylight hours, and then the hubs and I, along with our friends Brittany and JP, went to see the show. This year's Halloween really was the best of both worlds- fun costume time with the kiddos AND some grown-up time at the theatre.

Who am I kidding...the hubs behavior at the show was middle school aged at best. I have the vines to prove it. 

Here's our night in pictures...


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