Friday, October 9, 2009

settle in. it's a long one. I haven't blogged in a while, so I'm going to play catch-up.

First of all, I got to scrap a little a couple of days ago- I did a page of the story of Clay and I for Eliza's book. Here's a close-up pic of a little clear heart I added. I thought it deserved it's own shot on the blog for being cute.

9/28- the kids and I had some fun with my paint. Oliver got to paint his hands and feet for several layouts I'm working on right now. Here he is proudly showing off some of his handy work. This is a layout with a self-portrait, his current signature, and his handprint. (Becky Higgins school kit pieces)
Here's a shot of BOTH of the kid's footprints. Very, very difficult to get a 4-month old to cooperate with such an activity. Her foot just wanted to slide across the paper. That's why there are multiple pages to choose from.

10/1- Dad got a new car and brought it over to show us. It is quite nice and has lots of knobs and buttons. I'm most jealous of the Bose sound system.

not quite sure what is so funny here- I'm just glad she didn't drop the baby!

Here's a fabulous pic of my parents with Oliver and Eliza. Suitable for framing.

10/2- The kids and I played outside for a bit after school. Eliza tolerated sitting in her stroller for a good ten minutes.

Oliver, of course, found light saber sticks and went to town.

when we went back inside, I took a few pics of the kids on our bed. Don't you just love it when great pictures just 'happen'.

10/3- went to Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D with Oliver, Mom, and Mallory. Also saw a preview of Toy Story 3 that made me teary-eyed. No joke.

10/5- played outside with the kids after school. It was actually a little cool outside, so Eliza got to wear a beanie that Aunt Cindy made for her. I am loving this cooler weather! Oliver is loving riding his big wheel.

I had my first PTO concert of the year that night. Half of the second graders at my school performed "The Broadway Beat". They were fabulous, if I do say so myself.

10/6- the next day, I was hooking my sound equipment up in my classroom and putting away the pieces that are only used for concerts. A speaker stand fell off of the TALL cabinet in my classroom and hit me on the head. I honestly saw stars for a minute, and wanted to go and see what my head looked like, but I had a Kindergarten class in my room and couldn't leave. I called the school nurse and she came in and gave me some ice and a band-aid.

10/7- I finished the invitations for my pastor's daughter's wedding. Aren't they pretty???

10/8- Mom, Oliver and I went to the Fall Festival at his school. Super fun. Oliver would have spent the entire night in the big bouncy things if I'd have let him. He loved this spiderman pumpkin:
(he's doing 'spiderman hands)
coming down the BIG bouncy slide

he was a little confused about the cake walk. we kept having to reming him to walk in the circle when the music played. guess I should have explained the rules first.

after eating a bag of cheetos

10/9- which brings us to today. It's teacher conference day at school and music teachers DON'T do parent conferences. YAY!!!! I'm at home with my kids, or atleast one of them. (Oliver went to Ma'am and Pop's house to play a moment ago) Here's a pic of my baby girl when i went to wake her up this morning. She was already awake and had pulled both of her socks off. Thanks, mal-mal, for teaching her that.
couldn't resist taking a pic of both of us this morning:

and here's Oliver watching Sesame Street. Love that show. you're all caught up. Whew! See- I told you it was a long one!!!

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