Saturday, October 17, 2009

two weeks of happy

So...Oliver came home TWO straight weeks with nothing but happy faces from his teacher at school. Certainly a reason to celebrate and one of the reasons there has been a lot of 'happy' around here lately! We are going to see Where the Wild Things Are today at the theatre and I think I'm as excited as Oliver is. Clay already downloaded the soundtrack from the movie onto itunes, and I must say- it's amazing.

Eliza has been tolerating staying in her excersaucer more and more these days, which makes me happy. It's hard to type, or scrap, or play piano, or make a bottle, or use the bathroom with a baby in your arms.

Here's another bit of happy from this week- I found this super-cool Star Wars shirt at Target. Needless to say, Oliver was a fan and had to wear it the next day.

It's no secret that I love eBay, and here's yet another reason. For every purchase you make, you earn rewards points called 'eBay bucks'. They're collected for a period of 3 months, and then you receive a certificate telling you how many you've acquired and how to redeem them. The points you receive for each purchase depend on how much the purchase costs. For example- I bought some 59 cent stickers this week which only earned me 1 penny in eBay bucks, BUT this past summer, I bought a cricut expression, which earned me several dollars worth of eBay bucks- meaning that i had a pretty good size certificate for the months of July, August, and Sept. I used the bucks immediately, of course, and bought a book by one of my favorite designers, Ali Edwards, and a set of really cool Halloween stamps. When my (free) purchases arrived in the mail this week- guess what i found? Here's a copy of the cover of the book:

and here's what I found when i opened the cover:

I got a totally free autographed copy of the book! Now, I realize that my name is NOT Heather, but what a cool surprise?!
Here are the stamps- How cute will these be on scrapbook pages, or even to make cute treat bags for Oliver's class?

Here is Eliza's 5-month pic with bear. (10.15.09) I'm taking a picture of her every month on the 15th to document how she's growing up her first year. Love her smile in this one.

And here's a pic of baby girl from this morning, sitting by me while I caught up on the blogs that I follow.
And this is Oliver-wondering why I'm taking pics of him so early in the morning.

I hope you had lots of 'happy' this week too!
MK <><

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For Your Inspiration said...

Mary Kathryn, I didn't know you had a blog! Fun! I just can't seem to keep up with it, though.

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