Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pillows full of sentiment

Happy Wednesday everyone! I wanted to share a project I made for a friend because it was just so genius I'll probably be making my own soon. While I'd love to say this was all my idea, I cannot. Because it wasn't. My dear friend Mary asked if I could turn a couple of her shirts into pillow covers, and while I'd never done that before, I knew it could be done. Shirts are fabric too afterall...

You may be wondering what would make shirts so sentimental as to cause someone to want to keep them forever as a pillow-
well I'll tell ya-

The pink one on the left is a maternity shirt that Mary wore while pregnant with her daughter Rory, and she wore the turquoise shirt while in Ethiopia adopting her daughter Magy.
Pretty cool, huh?
I've got a couple maternity shirts I'll never wear again but would love to preserve in some way because they're special to me, ya know?

First, we picked out coordinating fabrics and then I got to cutting. I used the same technique as with THESE pillows except that I had 3 seperate pieces this time instead of 1. Same dimensions, with a piece in the front (the shirt), and two pieces that overlapped in the back to make the envelope part.

To create monograms on the front, I cut out letters with my cricut, flipped them backwards, and traced them onto the back of the fabric.

Then pinned them and stitched each to the front of the t-shirt piece. It's much easier if you're gonna add a monogram to do it before sewing the whole she-bang together.

After attaching the letters to the front, I laid the pieces of each pillow right-sides-together and stitched all 4 sides. Flip them right-side-out, grab a pillow, and there ya go.

An awesome way to hold on to a garment with special meaning without having to wear it. Maybe YOU have some special pieces that this project would be perfect for-

Before I sign off for today, I have to share two more things.

First: this pic of MM that I snapped with my phone a couple nights ago. I don't even think she understands about Santa and the chimney and whatnot, but doesn't this just seem as though she's looking for him?

Precious girly.

And 2nd:
I know there are several companies/organizations out there who are giving $ to various charities during the holidays and while we all would love to do our part, it's sometimes not realistic for us to volunteer hours of our time or give away loads of our money. There is, however, one company who is donating $1 to Toys for Tots for every viewing of this video-
so here's a way you can help and ALL you have to do is click this link.
That's it.
It's super short and just like that, you've (kind of) donated a buck to a great organization.

Happy Viewing!

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