Friday, March 9, 2012

he's here

Hubs and I were texting back and forth yesterday afternoon as he waited with my brother-in-law at the hospital, just moments before he would meet his son face to face for the first time. I wanted to be there so badly to meet my nephew and to support Kent and MK at this most awesome time in their lives, but, I'd just taken a day off on Tuesday for the Lorax field trip with Oliver.

And so I waited.

I taught classes and I waited.

And then I got the text that the doctors would soon be wheeling my SIL back for a c-section.

And I taught a few more songs.

And then my classroom door swung open.

It was a 1st grade teacher at my school, so I kept singing w/ the kindergartners who were in my classroom at the time as I slowly inched toward the door to see what she needed. Only as I looked at her face, it told me that maybe she didn't have a question about music. Her face registered something else, like...
something ain't right here.

And then I saw him, with his teacher.
Face covered in blood.
It was Oliver, and he'd had a fall on the playground and had gone head-first into a metal bench. A tooth had gone all the way from the inside of his mouth to the outside.
Poor guy.
As his teacher hurried him to our school nurse, I helped my precious still-singing kindergartners collect their lunch boxes and as they marched single-file to their classroom, I called our school secretary and told her I'd need to cancel my classes for the rest of the afternoon.

Well God, you were right. I wanted to leave school and go to the hospital, but next time I'll be more specific about HOW.

Don't you love how HE sometimes answers prayers? Like when I prayed a few days before my wedding to lose a few more pounds and, just like that,
I had the stomach virus.

I mean, you just have to chuckle at it, right?

Anyway, after a trip to the nearest MedCenter, followed by a trip to the dentist, followed by a trip to the oral surgeon, my brave boy came home with 3 stitches on the inside of his mouth and a prescribed diet of soft foods for the next few weeks. Sounds like TCBY and Yogurt Mountain are in our future. A lot.

And baby Owen?
Well he made his appearance yesterday as we were leaving MedCenter.

5 lbs, 5 oz

Sweet baby boy

Baby boy is doing just fine, but MK's blood pressure was high yesterday, so could you send up a prayer for her? After Oliver was stitched up, I took him to my parents house and Eliza and I went to the hospital to see the baby. We actually got to see the nurse give him his first bath-he's so teeeny tiny. Pure preciousness. We were only able to pop our head into MK's room to say hello- her blood pressure was rising simply from talking too much. Really hope it's back to normal today. I also hope to have more pics to share of this precious little one soon.

Until then, have a fabulous Friday friends! 

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