Monday, July 16, 2012

two musicals and a wedding

Happy Monday friends! I'm up bright and early today for the start of theatre camp which I'll be sharing details about soon, however, I wanted to share a bit of our weekend with you first because it was craaaaazy busy.

Just like the title said.

"two musicals and a wedding"

Hubs and I had tickets for the opening night of Gypsy on Friday, so we gussied ourselves up and left early enough to have a kid-free meal before the show. We headed downtown with a craving for chicken pesto pizza from DePalma's and after 15 minutes of searching for a parking spot within a mile of the restaraunt, we decided we'd better try somewhere else. We'd lost too much time. We needed to get a'movin. "Let's try the new Shrimp Basket!", I said. "I think it's near the theatre anyway!" Off we go in the direction of the theatre, heading South. Ten more minutes elapse. We pull into the parking lot of where I think this new seafood place is located only to discover I'd gotten my wires crossed. We weren't looking at the new Shrimp Basket. We were looking at the new Pizza Palace. Not the same. My directionally-challenged brain had gotten confused. Again. We were running out of time and since the only other alternatives nearby were mexican (Pepitos) or mexican (Taco Casa), we opted for some breakfast at the newly constructed Waffle House.

Our food was served in under five minutes, leaving us plenty of time for a quick stop at Walgreens for show candy. And that was the best omelette and hashbrowns evah. Mean it.

The show was fantastic and runs through next week- if you're local or even within driving distance, you do NOT want to miss it. You can purchase Gypsy tickets HERE.

On to Saturday. Hubs and O went to a birthday party while the girls and I went to see another local theatre camp's production of The Little Mermaid. The girls loved it, but got confused and thought the show was over every time there was a blackout. Sheesh.

Kudos to the staff and campers for putting the show together in a week!

After a mad dash home and a quick costume change, the Mathews 5 headed out to see hub's cousin get hitched.

That's Mr. and Mrs. Brady Wayne Sanders right there.

 It was a beautiful family-only ceremony followed by a huge country club partay, complete with a photo booth...

Baby Owen even donned a tux for the occasion-
how stinkin' cute is he?

Hubs even posed for a pic with me.
Without making a crazy face.
Or grabbing my booty.
I'm as shocked as you are.

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