Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Instagrams on the wall

Howdy friends! I've got a super simple project I completed recently that took minimal effort (awesome), but makes a huge statement (again, awesome).

My Pops recently had a birthday, and I wanted to give him something that he couldn't buy himself. Enter....Instagrams. Since he's not even ON instagram, I've got literally hundreds of photos of me, and his grandkids, and ME, and the hubs, and ME that he's never even seen. I showed you in THIS post how I print them out on computer to be a 4 x 4 square, then I picked up a 24x36 poster frame (on sale AND with a coupon) since I could fit a row of 6 and a row of 9 instas PERFECTLY.

I turned the paper insert from the frame over onto the white side and used that as my base for positioning the pics...

and to attach them, I used a small piece of washi tape. A scrapbooking tape runner would've also done the trick.

Then, ya know, I just kinda lined them all up....
it takes a while. Not gonna lie. There's 54 pics, after all.

It's probably best to keep any 2 year old's away from this project.
Just sayin.

Once I had them all stuck down, I stuck it back into the frame, and thar she blows...

And I'm happy to say that he and the mum LOVED it.

So did I.

I loved it so much I'm super jealous it's not mine.

Looks like I'll be making another for my house soon...

So tell me- do you use instagram? Do you love it? Have you taken any from your phone and plastered them onto your walls and in frames around your house? Do tell.

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