Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Nope. Not the quasi-meat.

The musical.

The Broadway musical.

If you're a fan of the Monty Python films, then you know this is the musical version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

If you've never heard of Monty Python OR Spamalot, then I feel bad for you.

Just kidding.

Totally joking.

The Monty Python films are comedies full of silly humor, and are at times, a bit crude, but hilarious none the less. Here's one of my favorite scenes from the film...

Seriously, "I fart in your general direction" has GOT to be one of the most famous movie lines of all time. Yes? Anyway- back to the musical. If you've never heard of Spamalot, perhaps you've heard of Grey's Anatomy? 

Yup. Dr. Torres and Lady of the Lake from Spamalot are one in the same.. and get this- she won a TONY for it, y'all. She was amazeballs in this production, and here's proof:

see? She's fab, right? Also, Frasier's brother and the nasty hotel guy from Home Alone 2 were in the original Broadway production as well. Ya know, just FYI.

So why am I telling you all this? Because Spamalot will be playing in my fair city at the end of March, and I'm crazy excited to tell you that I'll be playing Lady of the Lake. Yup. Crazy excited.

And for anyone interested in purchasing tickets, I can help you save $4 per ticket NOW through MONDAY. Simply contact me via e-mail or text and let me know how many you'd like. Did you hear that, family and friends? I'm talking to you. You know you're gonna want to see this, so go ahead and buy tickets now, from me, and save ya some moolah.

For those of you in lands far far away, I'll post pics and see if I can manage a video or five. This will be my first time on stage since Hairspray in 2010, and goodgollymissmolly I've missed it. While directing is my usual gig now, there's nothing quite like belting your heart out onstage- can I get an Amen?
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