Tuesday, November 13, 2012

7 by Jen Hatmaker

This will be a quick post with more to follow, but I must share this.

I read this book over the weekend and it messed me up in all kinds of ways. I'm planning to do a post about a topic per week here since a good bit of it has to do with the general day-to-day of running a household- what we consume, what we waste, what we eat, what we hold on to, when we rest. Ahem.

I'm bursting at the seams to discuss this book with someone, so please let me know if you've read it. And if you planted a garden. Or started making bread. Or went through your closets. Or unplugged for a day. Or week.

I'd love to know your thoughts. And if you haven't read it, I simply can't give it a high enough recommendation. As it says on the cover, "An experimental mutiny against excess", pretty much sums it up. The author identified 7 areas of excess in her life and spent 4 weeks on each, pairing it down to 7 things. She ate 7 foods, wore 7 pieces of clothing (I know), found 7 ways to be 'green', and so on. I devoured.this.book. Seriously, I couldn't read it fast enough because everything about it intrigued me to no end. So often, I've found myself thinking, "I can do better", and this was the kick in the tail I needed to jumpstart actually doing something about it.

I found myself actually laughing out loud on more than one occasion while reading this, and the next moment I'd be crying. The author's account of this experiment is not only hilarious, but also deep and raw. This wasn't a 'just because' kind of project for her (nor should it be). God actually has things to say about how we live our life in this book called the Bible. Did you know that? Craziness.

More to come on this, and in the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

p.s. we totally have a cat. He's outside, sort of. More to come on that as well.
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