Friday, June 8, 2012

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday friends! Today's Flashback Friday takes us back to VBS in 1996. I was a teacher in the preschool class and hubs- well he was in the 6th grade. Here's the whole lot of us on the front steps of our church that summer.

Since it might be a little hard to spot the hubs and me amidst the sea of faces, here's a closer view with arrows and whatnot.

Who would've ever thought that a 16 year-old soon-to-be-junior in high school would end up marrying a 12 year-old who'd just finished his 6th grade year?

God did.
That's who.

I'm getting a little mushy today because hubs and I celebrated 5 years of marriage on Saturday. Our big day was a little eclipsed by Dorothy and a munchkin, but that's what happens when you give birth, twice, right before your anniversary. After the big party, we had a lovely dinner and even went to a show at the theatre where hubs proposed, so it was pretty cool to end up at the very place where he decided, "I totally like it so I'm gonna put a ring on it".

That morning, I got the biggest surprise of all however, when a box arrived via UPS and I had to sign for it. This was inside, and I'm still in shock.

Well done, hubs.
I haven't taken it off yet.
Not once.

And happy anniversary to you. I'm so glad God's plan involved that 16 year-old soon-to-be-junior in high school and that scrawny little just-finished-6th-grade boy. Here's to many more years of fun surprises. And jewelry. I'd be open to that too.
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