Monday, June 25, 2012

Here's Hope Celebration

Happy Monday friends! I want to extend an invitation to those of you who are local, and even those of you not so local, to an awesome event going on right now in t-town. My church has partnered with First Baptist of Atlanta to sponsor the 'Here's Hope Celebration' which will take place Monday through Wednesday night at 7 pm at the Jaycee Fairgrounds pavilion. A 120+ member youth choir from FBC will be rocking the house pavilion each night, along with featured soloist/leader Daniel Crews, and speaker Jeff Crook. The celebration began last night, and lemme tell ya right now- if you are within driving distance of Tuscaloosa, you Amazing music, awesome message, and  a wonderful time of fellowship. The massive youth choir will also be conducting bible clubs and assisting in storm clean-up while they're here. Isn't God awesome? Here we are, 14 months since the tornado, and groups are still volunteering their time to come and help.

Here are a few photos + video from the kick-off last night. Those of us with small children brought picnic blankets + toys, and the kids had a grand time coloring & playing while the parents were able to enjoy the service. God also gave us a jaw-jropping sunset to end the evening. Love it when He shows off, as only He can do.

**p.s.- my good friends, Kara and Ethan, are in China meeting their son for the first time! I've been posting updates on her blog when she's not able to, and if you'd like to follow along on their adventure, click HERE**
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