Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Here's Hope- don't miss it

Happy Wednesday, friends! I wanted to share a few pics of the last 2 nights of the 'Here's Hope Celebration' and invite you locals to the last night (tonight) at 6:45 pm at the Jaycee Fairgrounds in Alberta City. If this is your first time to hear about it, First Baptist Church of Atlanta has partnered with our church (Alberta Baptist) and is providing supper, children's activities, and an awesome service each night full of beautiful music and a powerful message. God has sent us glorious breezes each night and the Holy Spirit has moved. Oh how It has moved. What a wonderful thing it is to witness new souls coming to know Christ, and it's happened each and every night. Do you know someone who might not know Christ? Send them our way tonight. Free food, but more importantly, food for your soul.

I'm including a couple of videos from the featured soloist/music leader, Daniel Crews, because goodgollymissmolly can he SING. God has blessed him with an amazing talent, and if you're not able to come or if you live in Australia (shout out to my Aussie readers!), then I hope you'll be blessed by some of the music that has been blessing me this week.

For the past two nights, we've heard testimonies from two incredible young athletes. The first was Jarryd Wallace, a former UGA runner who lost his leg 2 years ago but is currently training for the 2012 Paralympic Games. For his full story and testimony, visit his website HERE.

Last night, Anna Watson shared her story of being a weight-lifting GA cheerleader pursued by a body-building modeling agency. She turned down the opportunity to sign with the agency when they pressured her to take steroids to put on the neccessry pounds. For her story, go HERE and HERE.

The 120+ member youth choir, Prayz, from First Baptist Atlanta, Ga, has been astounding each night. They're not only singing their hearts out in the service, but also aiding in storm clean-up, and working in backyard bible clubs while in Tuscaloosa.

My youngest is quick to make friends with anyone who comes to the park to play sports, and ends up listening to the service as well...

So thankful for the cool breezes and beautiful sunsets God's provided each night. So thankful for the blessing that these services have been, not just to my church family, but to those in the community who are walking to the park and hearing God's word, maybe for the first time. And so thankful for the souls who have come to know Christ this week.

What a blessing.

p.s.- My friends Kara and Ethan Blankenship have been sending me updates from China as they finalize the adoption of their precious baby, Joel. If you'd like to follow along on their adventure, go HERE.
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