Thursday, September 3, 2009

Craft night tonight!!!!

I'm super excited about having a craft night at the house tonight! Usually, there's a group of guys over here watching an insanely loud movie, but tonight...we're pulling out the canvases and craft glue. I organized my scrapbook supplies yet AGAIN last night so that everything would be really easy to put my hands on.

In other news- today was pajama day at Maxwell and I bought a brand new set of pjs for Oliver to wear since most of his 'pjs' are old t-shirts that are too small for him to wear out of the house. I showed them to him last night to get him prepared for a change in plans (as in, NOT wearing actual clothes to school) and all was fine. Woke up this morning and he'd had a change of heart. "I DON"T want to wear pajamas to school! I go to BIG school now!!! " (sheesh)

It was a lovely morning.

MK <><
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