Thursday, September 10, 2009

finally, a happy face

It was a good day at school. Oliver got a happy face after having two really bad days in a row. I must say, I've been embarressed to have to pick him up at school lately, thinking everyone there would look at me and smile while secretly thinking to themselves, "There's the bad kid's mom". I'm praying that there are only 'happy face' days in our future.

I honestly think that his recent behavior has a little something to do with the fact that Clay and I have been spending SO much time with Eliza lately, and for 4 1/2 years now, it's been only him. I've heard other moms tell stories of how bringing a baby into the family affected older siblings, but I thought Oliver was handling everything so well. It is definitely not easy to juggle two kids and two and a half jobs.

Clay found a used Sequoiah today, brought it home for me to look at, and told the salesman we'd let him know something by tomorrow. Trading my truck for this used one would get rid of my car payment, and I do LIKE the Sequoiah, but all of the buttons and knobs on the dash are worn through, the cloth interior isn't in great shape, and it just looks 'worn'. I can't help thinking about what we could do with an extra $232 a month though. I just want NEW knobs, that's all. Oh yeah, it has a gazillion miles on it too. Just another con. But it is pretty and white. Just not a new as I'd hoped. So...I may have a new old car soon.

MK <><
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