Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Attempt: Fail

So...tonight I attempted to try to cereal for the first time with Eliza. She's been waking up in the WEE hours of the morning for the past 4 days, and I got the green light from her doctor at our 4-month visit last week, so I figured it was time. I opened the new, pretty bowls and spoons, bought a brand new box of Gerber's rice cereal, had my camera ready, and also had a very hungry baby girl all set in her bumbo on the kitchen table. Into the mouth went the spoon, and out of the mouth went every bit of the cereal. You'd have thought I was trying to feed her medicine or some other incredibly nasty substance. Oh well...we'll try again tomorrow night. In the mean time, she did drink some of it eventually and went promptly to sleep. Let's hope she's down for the night. ;0)
MK <><

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