Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fame, Poker, and other happenings

I am hopefully going to see Fame this saturday with some girlfriends. I am pumped. A movie. A musical. A night out. Good stuff. Really looking forward to it.

Clay is playing poker at our house tonight with the guys. This normally would not be a significant thing, considering these guys are at our house A LOT, (love you guys :o) but what some of you may not know is I grew up around poker because my Dad's had a standing poker game EVERY wednesday night since, well....before I was born? I can't remember a wednesday night when Dad's friends (many of whom he's been close with since grade school/ high school) were not around our kitchen table, nickel and diming it. I took a pic tonight to commemorate the beginning of what could possibly be a standing game here at my 'grown-up' house.

In other news, school is completely wearing me out. My new schedule of teaching 45 classes a week is starting to really wear on me. Also, the fact that MANY of the teachers at my school bring their classes to my room EARLY for music which means that I have NO break whatsoever. My 5 minutes becomes 3, somtimes 2, and once today as I was leading a class out of my room through the 'exit' door, another was coming through the 'enter' door. I wanted to bang my head on my piano. I love music, LOVE it, but 45 classes a week? Plus voice students after school? If only I didn't love my house so much and want to continue being able to pay for it. And if only I didn't have such an expensive hobby. I finally bought a copy of Becky Higgins Family History Scrapbooking and am super pumped to get it in the mail.

Oliver got a happy face today, which makes every day this week so far. He is still King of the Jungle. So proud. SO proud.

Eliza went to bed a little early tonight, so I'm going to try and get some things done around this house. This fabulous, beautiful, am-so-happy-we-can-pay-for-it house.

MK <><
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