Monday, May 9, 2011

I don't care that they sell scrapbook paper and glue sticks- it just ain't the same...

it tries to be like hob lob, but it's just

It's now been 12 days since the hob lob was blown to bits
(although it faired a heckuva lot better than Big Lots, Chuck E. Cheese, and Tuesday Morning, which are all located in the same shopping center)

I've been to Michael's twice now to try to quench my crafty thirst, but it's just lacking in so many areas. (and my apologies if you happen to be affiliated with Michael's in any way- I'm just having a hard time dealing with the loss of one my 'happy places')

My reasons for the hob lob > Michael's equation are threefold:

1. Hob Lob's sales kick Michael's in the butt. Seriously- half price sales on entire departments every week. EVERY WEEK. Micheal's occassional 25%-40% ON SOME items is quite frankly pathetic. Not to mention the online coupons available on that you can present on your Iphone and/or print as many copies as you'd like.

2. Hob Lob sells fabric. Michael's does not. (need I say more?)

3. Hob Lob is (or was, or hopefully will be again)  located 3 minutes from my house. Michael's is 15+ minutes. And they don't sell fabric. Did I mention that??

They do, however, sell fake flowers.
Pretty fake flowers.
So I drove across town.
Because there's no more hob lob.
And because I had some ugliness goin on in my kitchen.
well...there's LOTS of ugliness goin on in my kitchen, but we're working on that...

This is what sits next to our toaster and utensil holder thingy: 

not bad, but not great either. At one point in time, I loved those flowers. I promise. They're just not doin it for me anymore.

again, try not to be too jealous of my 1960 countertop, mmkay?

While strolling the aisles at Michael's, I came across these beauties-

pretty, right?
And a whole bushel for...


No way did I pay full price.
They were actually 50% off, so I took home 2 bushels for the price of 1.
I did.

So now, my pretty little green pot (from Southern Living at Home turned Willow House) is sportin some new flora-

they're almost so pretty that they make you forget all about the atrocity that is the countertops.

And on that note, I have some news.
We are moving full steam ahead on our kitchen redo.
I've been going through magazines and catalogs like a mad woman, but really, I've known what I want for a while now.
Like...since we moved in 2.5 years ago.
(and yes, I just pulled out 'like')

Stay tuned...
our kitchen is about to leave the 60's
We'll have lots of vintage 60's countertops/cabinets if anyone's interested.

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