Friday, May 27, 2011

Impromptu photo shoot where the balloons popped and made the girls cry

have you seen those pics with children/adults holding balloons and the photos are always stunning?
One of my fave examples is on Gussy's blog header.

Well, I tried that yesterday.

The girls are now a year older,
we had balloons left from O's graduation party,
so I thought,
"why not? I can do that. I can take the pretty pictures with my kids + balloons. How hard could it be?"

That's how hard it is.
Some of the balloons popped when we stepped our big toes outside,
the girls screamed and cried,
and then screamed some more,
Eliza wasn't really keen on holding ANY of them once she was aware of what might happen....

but I still managed to get some decent shots.
I think...

notice the popped balloon that MM had just tossed up in the air which landed on E's head

doing the "nose scrunch" she does so well

she is SO about to take off...

love our brick sidewalk.
love that little girl on the brick sidewalk too.

there I am!

And I made MM's headband a few minutes before shooting these pics. Super-easy to make and I'll share the how-to next week. Had to buy the products I needed from since I can't go and fill my little blue buggy anymore, but that's okay. If you're my friend on FB, you know that I've been calling hob lobs corporate offices since they were listed as 'undecided' on the list that would be rebuilding in T-town. On the 5th call I made last week, I was finally told they,"had every intention of rebuilding, but were unsure if it would be on site since they are still evaluating the situation caused by the storms of April 27th". I'd received a scripted answer each time I called, but THAT particular scripted answer was much more promising than the previous 4. I'm ready to see new structures in these holes. I'm ready to attend lots and lots of GRAND RE-OPENINGS in this town. I'm also ready for lots and lots of house warming parties because friends are moving into new homes.
Today marks one month.
It's time.

**Just realized that this post started off super-light hearted, about a little photo shoot in the yard and ended up on a serious note. Sorry to throw that curve ball at ya. I'll try to stay on track next time and maybe not use the phrase 'butt-hard' anymore either...**

Have a lovely Friday, friends!
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