Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sports Illustrated

I'm sure that most of you that are local will have read this by now,
but after seeing it posted on facebook and twitter countless times in the past 2 days, I finally clicked the link to the article about Tuscaloosa in the latest Sports Illustrated.

If you haven't read it yet, it's the story of 4 University of Alabama athletes who survived the storm.

I urge you to read it, not because I want you to feel bad, but because there are countless people in my town whose lives are now forever changed because of the events of that day.

Read it, but make sure you have some tissues nearby.

***I'd also like to state that since the articles publication, part of this paragraph has been labeled as a falsehood:

 Not knowing where to go, Arenas then walked to a mall, which seemed to be untouched. He sat on a curb for nearly an hour, trying to process what he had just seen. What he didn't know—but would learn later—was that three bodies lay on the mall's roof, thrown there by the storm.

A source from the media in town stated that there were no bodies found on the roof of University Mall. I'd like to believe this is true, not only because it sets a gruesome scene, but also because my house sits less than a mile away. Just wanted to make you aware of the facts. ***
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