Thursday, April 26, 2012

An afternoon at our house

usually involves a costume.

It may also involve riding a bike with a Star Wars character.

Just maybe.

It might also involve a mommy and daddy, sitting together on a metal glider, who are so grateful for the little people playing in the driveway.

And for the gorgeous day.

And for the fact that they both happen to be home at the same time.

And then maybe,
just maybe,
those little people might ask to play in the water,

and the mommy and daddy will oblige.

One of the little people may also ask to strip down to their skivvies so as not to get their Dorothy dress wet.

And the others will probably want to do the same.

And before long,
the mommy and daddy will have 3 very muddy little people to take inside,
and hose off bathe,

and feed,

and tuck into bed.

And what a lovely afternoon that will be to reflect on.

(happy thursday friends)

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