Tuesday, April 17, 2012

just like BK says, "You can have it your way"

Anyway, I think that's how the slogan goes.
I've been working on some super cool custom orders which have promted me to actually make a listing for something custom.

Up until now, I've only done custom orders for friends & family, but now you can 'have it your way' too thanks to a listing for custom banners in my shop.

What kind of banners, you ask?

Well, maybe some like this...

Maybe you'd like shades of yellow, or perhaps pink.
Maybe you want black and white patterns.
Maybe you want half-circles instead of triangles.
Maybe you want a banner that's made just for your party and not his party, or her party.
Just yours.
Maybe you want one for your mantel.
Maybe you need that perfect something  to hang in a nursery, or a playroom.

Well, friends, this could be that something.

Just click HERE and tell me how I can make it your way.

And in the meantime, have an awesome Tuesday, mmmkay?

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