Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday confessional

1. I have summer fever. Bad. Spring Break comes along every year and ruins me with an entire 9 days in a row to be home when the girls wake up and to play Barbies and watch movies and swing and stay up late and actually put forth effort into a meal. Sitting at the piano yesterday in my classroom, I let my mind wander all the way to my house. I wondered what my girls were doing- were they in costumes? Was Eliza singing soprano? Did Mary Martin have her blanket firmly wrapped around her entire body? Do they miss me when I'm not there? Is MM wearing her beloved Toms? Sometimes I want to be home so badly it hurts. Don't misunderstand- when I say that God blessed me with the perfect job, I mean that God blessed me with the perfect job. I love what I do. I love singing and music and composers and the smiles on all the sweet faces that walk through my classroom door. I love the fact that Oliver comes to school with me everyday, and I love the fact that he spends his days in a classroom down the hall from mine. But I miss my girls.

2. I wear Spanx. If I ever meet the brilliant gal that created these, she should brace herself for a kiss on the face. Eliza saw me in my beloved Spanx yesterday (sorry for that mental picture) and she called them my 'bloomers'. I love that she called them my bloomers. Because, let's face it, sometimes you just have to embrace the fact that skin that used to be on your back is now on your front after stretching 3, yes three times to accomodate growing babies, and it needs to be pushed ever so tighly to your body so as not to cause others to ask when you're due.

3. I ate a chocolate bunny yesterday. Not just any chocolate bunny, but a 6-inch chocolate bunny. Not even a hollow one. Sometimes the day just calls for it.

4. I also ate a nutter bar for breakfast. Is that what they're called? You know the wafer things covered in chocolate with peanut butter between the layers? Hubs brought home 2 boxes a few days ago and I'd resisted until this morning. I used to love pulling the layers apart when I was younger and eating all the peanut butter first, and then the wafers. And who am I kidding. You know that's exactly how I ate it this morning too.

5. While I'm on the subject, we desperately need groceries. All I could find for breakfast was a nutter bar.

6. I love my curling iron. Well, it's not actually mine since I purchased it for the sole purpose of curling E's hair for her dance pictures, but I totally paid for it. It's pink and ceramic and doesn't have a clamp to hold your hair on it, which is why it came with a glove. Yup, a black one. At first, I told myself I wouldn't need it. I've used a curling iron before. I lived through the 80's and 90's. But ohbygoshbygolly, that glove was in the box for a reason and after the first burn that baby has been securely on my hand before I even hit the power button. Besides, I like doing jazz hands early in the morning.

7. I miss early-morning-just-woke-up-squinty-eyed-can't-wait-for-you-to-lift-me-up-outta-this-crib hugs. Two days a week just isn't enough.

8. I'm reading Kelle Hampton's book right now. I'm half-way through and I've already cried 47 times.

9. Sometimes I wish that my shop sales would shoot through the roof and we'd have enough money to buy a bigger house. Not huge, mind you- just a bedroom for each of us, and when people would comment on our house, I could day, "What, this thing? Oh we just bought it with pillows and flowers and banners".

10. I made a crazy-good pot of spaghetti last night. I tossed things in the pan like garlic, and thyme. I cooked meat and sauce and threw in tomatoes and it's a big deal because it doesn't happen often. The kiddos and O even had seconds. I really do actually enjoy cooking when I have the time and energy. Those two things just don't happen together very often.

Your turn- anything you wanna fess up to today?
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