Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pioneer Woman comes to AL and a funny video

She'll be comin' round the moutain when she comes.
The Queen of blogdom herself, Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, will be in the fair city of Birmingham tonight to sign her new cookbook. The very same cookbook that I happened to have purchased for myself on Saturday.
That Ree Drummond.

A huge thanks to my friend, Cyndi, for telling me about the book signin' in the first place and for offering me a ride! We're gonna hop over to the ham a few hours early and hope the line to meet her isn't like Wal-mart on Black Friday. Will any of you locals be there? Are any of you as worried as I am about being a blubbering idiot in front of the Pioneer Woman. Do any of you love her movie trivia games as much as I do? Or her salsa? Or, good heavens,
 her iced coffee?
Sheesh she's fab.
Here's hoping we actually get to meet her and get our books signed instead of being disappointed because 2,345,623 people showed up. I'll be posting updates on twitter for any inquiring minds...

And since I'm now sounding a bit like a 'crazed' fan instead of just a 'fan', I'll stop and change directions entirely.

Tonight, after a lovely birthday dinner with my family at the tree table of Iguana Grill, a moth flew in the door with us upon our return home.
This is what followed:

p.s.sorry for the snorting...

Happy Wednesday Friends!
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