Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sometimes I get a wild hair

First off, before I explain the title, I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend. We had lots of family time, complete with a huge egg hunt, hearing the Easter story (the REAL one), seeing the story acted out, a bunny made of bread, and a dip in the pool. More on our weekend tomorrow...

Today is about wild hairs.
Do you ever have the urge to do something a little crazy?
Something that maybe you've been thinking about for a while and finally you just couldn't wait another minute to see it through?
That was me, last night...

My bedroom went from this-

to this-

That's right.
I moved the furniture.
By myself.
I started the second hubs stepped his pinky toe out the door for work yesterday and I never looked back. Not that I thought he would hate it or not want to help, but because if it happened to look a hot mess or if I happened to hate it the second it was done, I didn't have to get that look. You know, the "I just helped you move all this furniture and now you want me to put it back the way it was, have you gone mad or something" look.
That one.

So I did it myself, and the truth is, besides finding a gum collection behind the bed on hubs side which caused me to gag 3 times-
and I wasn't going to share the pic at first, but you know how I likes to share. If you have a weak stomach, just scroll right on down, super-fast...

Hello my name is Mary Kathryn and I married a five-year old.
Thank goodness he's got that pretty face.
And a cute booty.
And those eyes.
Sorry, I digress...

...as I was saying, besides THAT, it all went smoothly.

And if you were looking super close, you may have noticed that I've been selling furniture and picking up/swapping a few pieces. In the last month, we've sold a bed, night stand, bookcase, and dresser, and picked up a super-yummy, curvy-in-the-front dresser off of craigslist for $60. (It's the one in the pic above with the tv on it)

So there ya have it.
"How I spent my Monday evening huffing and puffing and moving large pieces of furniture while my kiddos played in the next room".

I'll have an Easter weekend recap for ya tomorrow, but in the meantime, please tell me I'm not the only one to get a wild hair now and again and attempt something a little crazy, like moving an entire room of furniture while your spouse is gone. And also, was that the longest run-on sentence ever? Do I even remember what a run-on sentence is? Not sure. Anyway, it was a really long sentence.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, hubs was surprised when he got home (to say the least) and said he LOVED it.
That's 500 points for MK-
when I get to 1,000, I get to buy something else on craigslist.

Thrifty Decor Chick
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