Thursday, August 30, 2012

Randoms, because that's all I seem to have time for

Well, it happened again.
I wrote out a blog schedule with a topic for each day of this week and even managed to take a few of the photos I'd need.

And then I lived my life and didn't have time for any of it.
And that's ok.

So tonight, after cleaning the kitchen and putting away the dishes, and tucking 3 kiddos into bed, and finishing a custom order, and making one heckuva good cup of hot tea, I have time to write. And it seems I'm not quite in the mood for anything I'd planned to write about, so I've got a few randoms for ya:

1. While driving home from rehearsal Tuesday night, I was playing with the buttons on the back of the steering wheel that control the volume of the radio. So nice of those Chrysler folks to think of what drivers truly want in a vehicle, like a way to turn down the volume of the Veggie Tales cd so you can yell at your kids sweetly remind your children to be nice to one another without even having to move your hand from the steering wheel. I knew the button on the right side was volume, and the one on the left would allow you to skip through tracks on a cd, but what would it do if you weren't listening to a cd? I was intrigued. So I tried it. And you know what?  After driving the swagger wagon for over 10 months, I discovered that the button on the left side of the back of the steering wheel, when pushed up or down when a cd is NOT playing, will scroll through cd/am & fm radio/aux and will also play SATELLITE RADIO.


There's an all 50's channel, all 60's, all 70's...
There's a Jimmy Buffet channel.
There's an Elvis channel.
There's an LA area traffic channel, as well as several Canadian sports channels, and quite a few channels in languages I don't understand.

I was mesmerized.
And shocked.

To think of all the Jimmy Buffet I've been missing...

And yet, as I looked at the dashboard and wondered why there wasn't a 'satelite radio' button, I realized there actually was.

I'd just never pushed it.

2. While cooking dinner last night, (and by cooking, I mean ripping open a bag of frozen pasta & veggies and tossing them into a hot pan) I went to retrieve a measuring cup. As I filled my 2/3 measuring cup with water, it dawned on me that I was still using the same 2/3 measuring cup I had in college. From a set I purchased at the Dollar Tree. In the year 2001, A.D.

And it's 2012.

Not to say that anything is wrong with the measuring cups. No, not a thing. They're black, and plastic, and they do their job of helping me to occasionally get domestic in my kitchen. But they were one of those items that got tossed into my green shopping basket in the Dollar Tree because measuring cups are one of those things on every girls list of college necessessities. You just need to have them so the drawers of your college apartment's kitchen won't be empty. Having been married for several years now, and having birthed 3 babes, and having a mortgage and whatnot, I feel I've earned the right to a nicer set of measuring cups. When I find the perfect ones, I'll let you know.

3. Sometime between drying my hair and making my coffee this morning, this happened:

Now, I'm not one to point fingers, but I do happen to know that only one other person in my house was awake at the time so I'm gonna go ahead and blame my new home screen background on the 7 year-old I live with.

4. We passed 3 of these as we entered school this morning...

Does it get more random than that?
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