Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The deed is done

just call us the newest "swagger wagon" family

Last night I said buh-bye to my high-off-the-ground SUV and hello to a white mini-with-the-automatic-doors-and-uppity-key-fob van.

I can make it cool, I can make it cool, I can make it cool....

Thanks SO much to those of you who tweeted and e-mailed and facebooked to tell me that vans are awesomesauce. I really appreciate it and found it so much easier to sign that huge honkin' stack of papers last night as we sold the Sequoia and bought the mini.
I've decided to just call it the 'mini'.
Sound good?

I will ROCK this mini in my Lucky boots and skirts and stilettos and NON-mom jeans.
I will also rock this mini as I scrape handfuls of pop-tart crumbs/goo off of its seats.
Good grief I could've made 38 whole pop-tarts with the amount of crumbs we found while cleaning out the Sequoia. Sheesh that thing was nast from all of the kiddo mess...

I will also rock this mini when I pull into the theater parking lot to see Breaking Dawn.
 Oh yes.I.will.

So, in conclusion,
I plan to rock this mini wherever it is we happen to be going.
Rock it.
Rock it.
Hob Lob?
You better believe it.
The mall?
Date night with the hubs?

We'll take his car for that.

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