Friday, September 7, 2012

3 pics and a vomitous night

and no worries. I did not photograph the vomit.

If you have kids, you are certain to at some point clean up vomit.

Just a fact.

I feel we got lucky in this department because we didn't experience this until Oliver was celebrating his 5th birthday. That's 5 vomit-free years, friends. The girls haven't even been sick, but all of our good fortune in this department vanished last night during what I'll refer to as 'vomit-fest 2012'.

Poor Mary Martin. I guess it was just her turn. To clarify, there is NO stomach bug at the Mathews house, of which I am so grateful. There is, however, a gigantic amount of snot in my little one's head which is making it virtually impossible to breathe, and as we all know, that's something we must do.

After tucking the girls in last night, we heard her crying first. Hubs was the first to arrive on the scene. I smelled it before I saw it. (Sorry- were you eating? Hope not...) The poor babe had choked on the mucous invading her sinuses and was now covered in vomit and crying. While we were trying to decide what to do first,

she did it again.

And then again.

And then one more time.

Until there wasn't a single surface of her bed that wasn't puke-i-fied.

I stripped her and hubs threw her in the bath, and then I cleaned up the mess and gagged. Many times. I gagged so many times that I stopped counting how many times I gagged. Hubs was so grossed out by the whole thing that he stayed in the bathroom with a now much happier MM while I cleaned up vomit-fest.

The poor gal wasn't able to sleep a wink b/c she still can't breathe, which means I wasn't able to sleep a wink b/c she was in the bed with me. I really really hate it when my babes are sick. I also really really hate it when I have to go to work on zero sleep.

And let me set the record straight right here right now:

I do not enjoy cleaning up vomit.

If I could pay someone in hairbows to do this for me, I would.

And that's really all I'd like to say about that. Moving on.


Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work, I glanced at the tv to see what QVC was trying to sell me, and I took a double-take.

Does anyone really need a facial exercise and toning kit? And if you do, what the heck for? Wait, nevermind. I don't want to know.


Oliver is really into these books called Origami Yoda right now, and in the back are instructions for how to make- you guessed it- an origami Yoda. Yesterday morning, as I put on a bit of makeup, he did a puppet show for me w/ Yoda and Vader.

Love him.

Rehearsals are still going incredibly well. Was that correct grammar? Incredibly well? I'm too tired to think...

Here's a pic I snapped during warm-ups last night. Beautiful sounds coming from this cast, y'all.

Happy Friday, friends!

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