Monday, September 17, 2012

Shop update and some cheap tappers

Howdy friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I (finally) listed the Matilda Jane mesh bag hair accessories in the shop, along with 5 new sets of pillow covers.

And reason #428 why ebay is the bomb-diggity:

Eliza started back to ballet last week and had outgrown ALL of her ballet and tap gear. While ballet shoes and a new leotard were quickly picked up on the cheap last week, tap shoes were not. I type 'girl tap shoes size 9' into the search bar of ebay yesterday and the first listing is for a pair IN THE BOX that closes in 16 minutes, and get this- they're currently at .99 with no bids.

I won those puppies for .99

It will cost me more to ship them here (9.00) than the actual cost of the shoes, but a score none-the-less.


(I must say that when I asked E what her favorite part of dance class was last week, her response was "Tap-shoeing". That girl has musical theatre in her blood, I tell ya. Makes me smile.)

Happy Monday!
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