Thursday, September 6, 2012

oh September...

When I sit down to write, it's usually because I have something new to talk about or an idea has struck and I have to get it out before I forget it, or something has happened that I want to share. Usually, writing for me is easy. I enjoy it. I need it. And that's still the case, only at the moment, right now this very moment, I'm still not quite sure what to write about. September is here and just thinking about what this month brings with it is a bit daunting, and perhaps paralyzing, which is why I think I'm having trouble.

At the moment, I am:
teaching 40 music classes a week
directing a musical
running an Etsy shop
mommying 3 kiddos
wife-ing 1 hubs
occassionally making/cooking things to eat
mostly heating up/picking up from drive-thru
not doing much sleeping
helping my 2nd grader with spelling homework
playing Angry Birds to 'wind down'
cleaning out the girls' closet
planning to post pics of a heap of clothes soon for anyone interested
working on a classic Rock n Roll concert with the 2nd graders at my school
introducing them to Elvis, Little Richard, The Beatles, and the Beach Boys
making custom bows & banners
prepping for seester's wedding
wiping snotty noses
listing some of my clothes on ebay

am I forgetting anything?

The kids extra-curriculars also started back this week. O has chorus on Tuesdays and E has ballet on Wednesdays. After talking about going back to ballet for two straight weeks now, poor gal starts running a fever yesterday and wasn't able to go.

We'll just try to work in TWO classes next week to make up for it, what with all of our free time and whatnot.

In the midst of the crazy, I have found relaxation and calm in the afternoons after school and before rehearsals, just being in the same room with my family. Maybe there are two of us. Sometimes it's all five. Maybe we're playing or reading or watching PBS. Maybe we're talking. Or not. ("We can talk or not talk for hours"- name that movie) Maybe dress-up clothes are involved. Maybe legos. But for those two hours, I try hard not to think about work. Just them. If not for these afternoons, my schedule just might do me in.

 Picture me there, lying across the end of the bed on my stomach playing Angry Birds on the Nook. Not a care in the world besides trying to get those nasty pigs.

Now that I think of it, I DO have actual THINGS to write about. Like an incredibly horrible dvd I purchased for the kids and a crazy fun night at rehearsal last week.

Soon....those will become posts soon.

For now, I'm off to tackle a bit more of September. Happy Thursday, friends!
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