Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blog garage sale

As promised, I'm back today with a slew of items for sale and seeing as how it's now 10:30 pm at the moment, I'll be brief and to the point.

My post from yesterday explains why we're seeking funds and why I'm going through our closets like a crazy mad woman. If you have girls who wear 9-24 month clothing (or if you know folks who need these sizes) or if you have boys who wear 4T/5T/6T (or if you know folks who need these sizes), then scroll on down. There are also several pair of girls shoes, sizes 5, 6, 7, and a PS3 Spiderman game that hubs just handed me. 


Here goes.

boy's sweaters, 18 month- 2T
Gap, Eddie Bauer, genuine kids, Cherokee
$4 a piece

boy's Polo shirts (top row 5, 6) & Gap kids shirt (xs)
(Bottom row 4, 4, 5)
Red long sleeve- SOLD
Blue/white gingham- SOLD
long sleeve $10
short sleeve $7
these were only worn 2-3 times to church
(green stripe shirt on bottom row in middle has a small food stain. Would probably wash out, but I'm much too tired to try at the moment ;o)

long sleeve striped Polo (6) $7- SOLD
short sleeve Vinyard Vines shirts-  size 6 (solid 1 has a water mark on it) $3
Striped Vinyard Vines- (size 5) $6
bottom row- (all size 5) $2 each

boy's 'collectabiliTEES' from Old Navy
all long sleeve, all size XS (4T/5T)
$3 each
Dark Knight- SOLD
Return of the Jedi- SOLD

boy's short sleeve shirts
all size 4T/5T
$2 each
Green T- SOLD

boy's long sleeve shirts
all size 4T/5T, top right Old Navy shirt is 6
$2 each

girls shoes, all size 5
white keds $5
pink TOMS $10- SOLD
Uggs $7
light pink faux crocs $2
blk Mary Janes $5
hot pink Mary Jane Crocs $4
red leather 'Bear Feet' Mary Janes $10

girls shoes, all size 6 except for
top left squeaky pink sandals, BRAND NEW in box, size 7- $12
green Mary Janes w/ pink flower $8
red/white Mary Janes $8
pink sandals w/ bling $4
green sandals (like new) $6
floral tennis shoes $4 

'E' clothes
brown/white dress w/ pink 'e' monogram (size 3 months, Carter's) $5
white onesie w/ pink gingham circle & brown 'e' $5
mudpie onesie w/ pink 'e' $8
(although my E only wore this once, I just noticed a bit of ribbon is loose from the seam. Probably could be fixed, but again- I'm like way tired)

top row- Silly Goose blue/white smocked outfit w/ green trees (18M) $15
Carter's coral dress (18M) $3- SOLD
bottom row- Genuine Kids gray dot dress (18M) $5- SOLD
Old Navy stripe/denim dress (12-18M) $4- SOLD
Old Navy pink/red dress (12-18M) $3- SOLD

Circo purple outfit (18M) $4
Children's Place pink/multi outfit (18M) $5- SOLD
Flip (from Belk) red/white/blue outfit $4

top row- 2-piece smocked dragonfly outfit (12M) $12
Old Navy velvet pink/red skirt (6-12M) $2
bottom row- Children's Place gray/white sweater dress (12M) $4- SOLD
Genuine Kids pink floral dress w/ rosettes on shoulder (12M) $5- SOLD
Gymboree watermelon sweater and dress (9-12M) $8- sweater is SOLD
dress is still available- $4

Old Navy pink/gray one-piece w/ hood (12-18M) $3- SOLD
Old Navy lilac/cream one-piece w/ hood (18-24M) $3- SOLD
Carter's white onesie w/ polka dots & fleece jumper (NEVER WORN) 18M $8

Genuine Kids 12M pieces $2 each
Faded Glory zebra top/matching skirt (12M) $4- SOLD
Old Navy floral top (18-24M) $2

Old Navy top (12-18M) and pants (18-24M) $2 each- (pants SOLD)
Gymboree pink corduroy jumper (6-12M) $5
Carter's zebra dress (18M) $2

The Children's Place jumper (12M) $4
Cherokee dress (12M) $4
Carter's green/white jumper (18M) $3
Calypso for Target 2-piece outfit (12M) $5- SOLD

NEW WITH TAGS 18M fleece-lined jacket & pants $8- SOLD
Carter's fleece jacket & pants (9M) $5
Wonder Kids 12M top $2- SOLD
Levis jeans 6-12M $4

2-piece reindeer outfit 12-18M $5- SOLD
Old Navy onesie w/ cute ruffle butt 6-12M $2
Old Navy top (6-12M) and pants (3-6M) $2 each- top is SOLD

Old Navy striped pjs (18-24M) $1- SOLD
Joe Boxer yellow & orange pjs 12-18M $1 each- SOLD
The Children's Place blue gingerbread pjs $1- SOLD

Nick & Nora monkey pjs (18M) $2
Nick & Nora owl pjs (18M) $2
DG baby monkey pjs (18M) $1- SOLD
Disney Store Mickey snowman pjs (18M) $1- SOLD

PS3 The Amazing Spiderman game $35

As you can see, I ran out of steam before taking photos of what I pulled from my own closet. Blargh. Anyone local & interested is more than welcome to come take a look. I'm just pooped at the moment, not to be confused with 'I just pooped'. Let's just get that straight right now.

If you're interested in any of the items above, you can reach me at Funnygirl33180(at)aol(dot)com

Guess who made it to ballet yesterday?

Don't forget to come out and see me at Holt Baptist's annual craft fair this Saturday from 9:00-1:00 in the gym of Holt High School!

Happy Thursday!

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