Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to involve your kids on election day

The last time we elected a President, my oldest child was 3, and clearly not old enough to comprehend what was taking place on that day in November 2007. Now, however, he's 7 and three quarters and smart as a whip, so I wanted him to understand yesterday's significance as much as possible. We talked about the candidates and about our beliefs and about the importance of exciersing our right, as Americans, to VOTE.

I left out the part about wearing red, white, and blue on days such as this, because ya's not mandatory.
Just fun.

I took him with me to vote, and was pleasantly surprised that there was no line. Well, one man and a baby, but I'm pretty sure the babe didn't get a ballot. Several polling places in our area had well over and hour and a half wait, so we were lucky.

My polling location is in a mall, by the way. So you can cast your ballot and buy new boots, all in the same place.

I explained to him that I'd have to color in the circles on my giant scantron-like ballot, and immediately wondered how many scantrons I'd taken tests on in my lifetime. Hundreds? It's pretty much all we used in high school.
I digress...

I completed my ballot, stuck it in the giant scantron machine, and got a sticker.

I have to stray from the topic for just a sec to show you these precious pics from supper last night. We had a dinner guest.

Walter baby sat on the window ledge and watched as we ate, then sang a little 'meow' song with MM at the door.

Moving on...

This is where I really got Oliver involved in what was happening last night.

I copied this map from a friends homework (thanks Anna Claire!) and thought it would be a great way to get O excited about watching the news with me. We grabbed a red and blue crayon...

and watched the numbers start to pour in.

And started filling in that map.

Not only was he interested in the news, and excited each time a new state was announced, but he was sad when he had to go to bed with an unfinished map. Well, I guess the entire country went to bed with an unfinished map since FL was still gray this morning. Anywho, no matter who you vote for, get your kids involved. Let them know what matters to you. Let them know how blessed we are in America to have the right to vote. Make sure they understand the importance of election day.

And make sure they know that no matter who our President is, God is still in control. He's known the outcome of yesterday's election since time began.

And now,
on the issue of Walter White-

I couldn't stand the thought of him sleeping outside in the cold, so I placed a few towels at the door, hoping he would dig his way under the top one and have 'covers', if you will.

This is what I found this morning.

Sweet. Precious. Babe.

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