Friday, November 30, 2012

Disney day 2- Animal Kingdom

Greetings once again from the Disney All Star Movies resort! I have some rather sad news to report before posting pics from yesterday...

another one succumbed to the bug.

da da dummmmmm

My poor seester started blowing chunks in the wee hours yesterday morning, and as she so eloquently tweeted: "Having the stomach bug is bad. Having the stomach bug while vacationing at Walt Disney World is just awful."

And she's right. 

Thank goodness we'd brought a sack full of meds with us on the trip. 

And thank goodness my aunt is also here with us so I didn't have to go it alone for an entire day with 3 kiddos.

We headed to Animal Kingdom yesterday and despite the late start, were still able to do everything we'd marked on our map. While in Animal Kingdom, we did/rode/saw:

Kali River Rapids
Maharajah Jungle Trek
It's Tough to be a Bug (3D show)
Finding Nemo- The Musical
Primevil Whirl
TriceraTop Spin
Festival of the Lion King
Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade
Kilamanjaro Safaris

A few words about our day. As you can see, we began our day with the Kali River rapids. If you've ridden this before, you're laughing at me right now. This was my first time to this particular Disney park, and remember...I have a 7 year old BOY. My aunt took the girls to the Jungle Trek while Oliver and I had a blast, but got totally soaking wet on that blasted ride. At least it gave us the perfect opportunity to purchase some souvenir tees and wear them immediately. The kids loved seeing all of the animals at every turn of this park and we also enjoyed the shows, although the Bug's Life 3D show scared the snot out of them at times. The girls loved the TriceraTop ride- we rode it twice. There were almost NO wait times for anything in this park. My favorite show of the day was definitely the Nemo musical. It was visually stunning and the actors were amazing. If you eat in this park, I recommend the Flame Tree Barbeque. Yummm-O. By the time the girls and I made it to the Lion King show (Aunt Amy & O went to ride Expedition Everest but it was closed), I was happily aware that my pants were almost completely dry after a dousing in the rapids. We watched a parade, then headed straight to Africa to catch the last round of Safari rides and MM spills an entire bottle of $2.50 Dasani in my lap. Awesome. The safari ride was also awesome, but in a much better way. We headed back to the hotel, I changed my pants, then went to Downtown Disney for supper at Rainforest Cafe. It. Was. Deeee-lish. While we all enjoyed our meals (Oliver ate all of his popcorn shrimp after peeling the breading off...), it was Eliza who ate more than ALL of us. She downed tons of the nacho appetizer, two mini cheeseburgers, a banana, and had 3 servings of the 'volcano' dessert. Where did it all go? She's like, super tiny. After a full day, MM was asleep long before we made it back to the hotel. Successful day. 

A few pics from the day:

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