Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a groundbreaking weekend

a little behind on a weekend post, but we've had a crazy busy two last days of school and TODAY starts Thanksgiving vacation. Wa-to-tha-hoo, friends.

My reasons for this post title are three-fold. First, literal groundbreaking took place for our church building on Sunday.

We had a short service followed by lots of picture taking with golden shovels. Can I just say what an awesome day this was? Not only was the weather absolutely gorgeous, but God's presence was so incredibly thick as we remembered His faithfulness over these last 19 months and his protection on  that day.

The second groundbreaking thing that occurred happened on Saturday when I took everything out of the shop/Walter's house and swept it from ceiling to floor for the first time evah. GAH-ROSSSSSSS. Needed to be done though, and now it is! The hubs and I have already had talks of turning it into an actual working space now that it's de-nastified for the most part. Maybe a sewing/crafting shop for me, or just an additional space where we could play games and hang with Walter. I think some carpet is in the future for the room, and maybe another scrubbing of the walls plus some paint. We shall see. For now, here's some before + afters.

And just because I want you to truly understand the level of rank-nasty grossness I was working with, this is what was all over the window...

I know.

Most of what was being stored in there was junk, plain and simple. And so I threw it away. Some of it I listed on a local garage sale site, some of it was donated, and I downsized my Christams decor from 7 large plastic bins to 4. Heck yeah. I didn't even use most of my Christmas decorations last year because I made new stuff. (Another lesson from 7: if you haven't used it in a while OR if you don't think you'll use it No more hanging on to stuff we don't need.) 

The third groundbreaking thing that occurred? My high school's new Musical Theatre club performed Hairspray last Thurs-Sun, and after asking my seester & a couple friends if they were free to go with me, and striking out, I remembered that I had a musical lovin' 3 year-old who would probably be jazzed to go with me. And she was. We got dressed up and had a most fun and memorable Mommy/Eliza date watching a musical that we can both sing songs from. Love that one of my kiddos loves what I love. While it's definitely not the first show she's been to at the ripe old age of 3, it's the first show I've taken her to that I didn't direct. And we had a blast.

Kudos to my friends Joey, Alisha, and the entire cast + crew on a fabulous production.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We're looking forward to spending time with family, some of which we only see once or twice a year. Later, friends! 

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