Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my first taste of toddlers and tiaras

there was a curling iron involved.
And makeup.
Not much, but a wee bit.
And I put it on my daughter's face.
On purpose.
It was,
*Pause for dramatic effect*
Dance picture day.

I've never before uttered the words,
"Eliza, be STILL or you'll mess up your hair!",
but on Sunday, I may have said it at least 37 times.
Or 427.
I lost count.
And then I didn't care.
So what if she wants to run around dancing before pics are taken?
No biggie.

And so what if MM wants to pretend she's in ballet class too?


And just a few moments before this pic, here's the scene from our house, courtesy of Oliver and his mad video skillz.
My apologies if this makes you dizzy...

Once we were home, E slipped into her Super Girl duds and -just for fun-we rolled her hair again.

Because, why not?

Linda Carter's tresses were curled too, yes?

And I know she was Wonder WOMAN, but we're in the same ballpark.

And sheesh has E got.some.serious.hair.

I'm jeaous.

So that's the story.
Makeup and ceramic heating tools used on my 2-year old, all for the sake of ballet pictures. Yes, I felt a bit having done NEITHER of those things before, but I figure it's just the first time of many.
Most assuredly.

Happy Tuesday, friends!
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