Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Allison Lewis Photography

I promised I'd be back soon with more pictures from our mega-busy week.

I lied.

I'm still catching up on playtime with my kiddos.

I DO, however, want to share with you some of the awesomeness that was captured by seester's photographer, Allison Lewis. I can't say enough wonderful things about her- she was truly a blessing on such an important day. She knew exactly what to say to get us into those "doesn't look overly posed" photos, she captured every single small detail that you don't want overlooked, and here's the kicker- she was wonderfully patient with my kiddos. She posted a few pics and a beautifully written post about Mal & Chad's big day HERE. Check it out.

And since it feels odd to publish a post without a single photo, here's one I snapped on my iphone. (Yes, I had it in the pocket of my bridesmaids dress the entire day. What of it?)

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