Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Carving: 2012 edition

Monday night was pumpkin carving night at the Mathews casa, and if you've been hangin' round these parts for any length of time, you're probably aware that we take our carving pretty seriously.

As in, mess with me while I'm workin' on mah pumpkin and I will cut you with this teeny little carvin' knife.

I kid.

Kind of.

The other Mathews clan came over, so there were 4 kiddos a' singin' and a squealin' and 3 pumpkins spilling their guts. No kiddos lost their guts, thank the Lawd. Here are the results of our labors from Monday, as well as pumpkins from years of yore. Or, from yester years. Or from long ago....
Oh whatevs...the past 7 years or so.

My 2012 Pumpkin

Hubs 2012 Pumpkin
Mona Lisa

...and since we had an extra,
Hubs other 2012 Pumpkin
Angry Bird

And...the Mathews pumpkin Hall of Fame:

The hubs 2011 pumpkin:

My 2011 pumpkin:
complete with eyelashes.
do you see them?
I worked hard.

Here's the hubs 2010 Death Star Pumpkin-

and my 2010 Storm Trooper Helmet-

I think we skipped over 2009.
Probably due to lack of sleep from a little girl.
Her name rhymes with Schmeliza.

hubs is Darth Vader, mine is Thespians.

hubs Transformers symbol thingy

and my sweet lil' Nemo

hubs Star Wars

and my Charlie Brown and Snoopy

I also carved this Blues Clues punkin' that year for my preschool classroom-

And, I just so happened to have dug up a pic of my musical pumpkin from 2005.

So there ya have it! Our pumpkin carving history in one post.
So tell me...
do you carve pumpkins?
Are you as competitive as we are?
Is this your first time to see the Mona Lisa on the side of a pumpkin?
Do tell...

p.s.- I published a post of pics + videos from seester's wedding day last night, so if you missed it- click HERE
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