Friday, October 26, 2012

UA choreography competition, or lots of photos of Big AL

Happy Friday, friends! It's homecoming week here at UA and last night was the choreography competition between sororities. Seester took E last year and she loved it, so this year, I went along and took MM as well. While I'd planned to show some great photos of the dancers as well as some video, this post has turned out to be, "Look at these awesome photos I took of my girls with Big AL".

Because I did.

They met him, they loved him.

He (or whomever was wearing the costume last night) let them play with his ears and trunk, and even gave them high fives. Awesomeness.

Pretty fun night if I do say so. Many thanks to seester's new hubby for having a job at UA and for being homecoming advisor and for letting us bring the girls and sit in the front and eat barbeque. Fun night, y'all.

That is one patient Big AL.

Did I mention we saw lots of booty shakin?
Because we totally did. Nothing too crazy, but I did feel like I shoulda covered E's eyes up 2 or 3 times...

Big AL even did a lil' jig with the Crimson Cabaret,

and then came and sat down next to us, which of course means...

more pictures.

And now, for a little game I like to play called "shorts, or no shorts".

And because this was so funny to me, I have to share:
I found the girls sharing their juice when we got home.

So sweet, and yet, so germy all at the same time.

We're headed to the parade tomorrow to see the floats, and to hear the band, and to see the 'princesses' riding on the tops of the cars. That was, by far, one of E's favorite parts of last years parade.

Have a great weekend!
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