Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wedding Day pics and videos via iphone

Here are a few photos I snapped on my phone during seester's big day, and my sincerest thanks to J. Crew for putting pockets in their bridesmaid dresses.  How would I have ever made it through the day without picture-taking abilities....

Baby girl was able to squeeze in an hour-and-a-half nap after pictures and before the wedding. Nevermind that when she woke up, half her dress was soaked in sweat, as was mine. Nothing like trying to quickly air-dry dark wet spots on your dress before you walk down the aisle...

Leave it to my girls to be the first to jump onto the dance floor after the Father/Daughter and Son/Mother dances...

And this? Well that's just Chad's Grandmother who happened to give hubs a buck to take his shirt off. Which she then put on herself. You know...nothing crazy about that.

Not to be outdone, Chad's Grandfather decided to take his shirt off too.
No worries...grandma had a dollar for him as well.

Meanwhile my girls were having a grand time walking the runway in the loo...

I also lost my 7 year-old for a bit.
And then found him.
In the bar.
Watching the game.

Here's a little dance floor fun for ya-
the Groom goes on a Magic Carpet Ride

....and who doesn't love to Shout?

 Roll Tide send-off...

And because I removed the last photo of these gals per request, here's another better shot.

We had three kiddos snoozing in the back when we finally made it home a little before midnight, but oh what a fun time we had. Congrats to Mal and Chad on a beautiful wedding and one heckuva shindig! We love you lots-and to Chad...welcome to the crazy family!
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