Friday, October 12, 2012

The Georgia Aquarium

I'm back today with the first of many photo dumps. I'm sorry, I can't even type 'dumps' with a straight face. I blame hubs.

Oliver and I had a blast at the aquarium last week. Did you know it's the largest aquarium in the world? And there are 4 Tiger Sharks and 4 Beluga Whales there? And while the dolphin show is spectacular, it's built around this extremely hard-to-follow storyline that's mostly sung by an actor that I'm guessing must have landed there after Broadway didn't work out. No kidding, when he opened his mouth and sang, "I am the Starrrrr Catcherrrrrrr...", I almost lost it. We really just want to see the Dolphins do tricks, mmkay?

Onto the pictures.

Our day began with a lesson on a few of the different types of fish that live there, what they eat, and...

how big they are.

Did you know that it takes 19 second graders standing shoulder to shoulder to equal the length of one whale shark?

This was also their first opportunity to 'pet' a few of the animals.

Once that was done, we were off to explore on our own for a bit...

Picture me saying, "I'm a Pir-RAHHHN-nah", Darla style. At least 4 times. Because you know I did it.

Name that movie.

O's favorite part, by far, was getting to touch the sting rays. We stayed here for a good 15  minutes at least, and am I the only person who can't help but think of Steve Irwin when I see these?

At the end of the day, we got to see the amazing dolphins.
And the crazy singing man.

After a fun but exhaustive day, I caught up on some highly important reading material on the way home.

Next up, the Bridesmaid's Brunch, which was the first of many events that contributed to the muffin top I'm currently sportin'.

Happy weekend!
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