Friday, July 29, 2011

Yard Sale: day 1

We just packed everything up after day 1 of our yard sale and I am BEAT,
we got rid of a TON of stuff today and got to see some really good friends too. It's been an awesome morning- so so glad that the weather was nice and sunny, albeit, HOT. My poor hair tripled in volume (picture Monica in that episode of Friends when they all go to that convention in Barbados to hear Ross give a speech....)
That was my hair today.

came across another stash of 'too small' clothing I'd hidden away in a closet that contained several dresses- some new with tags.
This craziness comes from working retail for several years and purchasing things because they were a 'good deal' instead of because they were a 'need'.
Live and learn...

Here's a few more pics, and if you didn't make it by today- there's still a TON left that we'll be putting back out tomorrow.

New with tag- Ralph Lauren size M

New with tag- Ralph Lauren size 6

Tons of clothes left.
Priced to move.

Scrapbook stuff.
One of you needs this.
I promise.

Lots of shoes left, but I had to share a pic of this pair.
Aren't they lovely?
Don't you need them?
Size 8.5

Little boy Willets- size 9

We'll be out again tomorrow from 7-12.
Come out and see us!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway I have going on now for 2 black and white chevron pillow covers-
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I'm off to see if there's anything left in the house that hasn't been used or worn in the last 6 months. That's the rule, right? Or did I just make that up?
Well,....nothing is safe.
I'm in a purging state of mind,
and I ain't talkin bout purgin my food.

Until next time friends!

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